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19 Cat Owners Who Have Been Taken Hostage By Sleeping Cats

Decisions can be hard! But when it comes to making a decision of whether to wake up that snoring little kitty napping on your lap or just skip on the most important things you have in pending, it gets harder…


There has always been a debate whether it’s you who owns a cat or the cat who owns you? Well, we would say our feline fur owns us more as we fall prey to its exquisite beauty and charm. These cuddly bears love cuddling with their owners and often ditch their beds just to choose to sleep on their person, instead. And you can’t stop them from doing that! And why would we? All we want is affection from our fur buddy and we are finally getting that!

Here are a few instances where these sleepyheads chose the purrfect sleeping spot on their person and the owners fell hostage to their cats for not wanting to wake those adorable furballs. Hereby, surrendering and choosing to stay in and skip on their daily routine, just so the kitties could sleep tight! Scroll down and check them out;

1. “Help. It’s been an hour. I need to pee!”

via Stephanie Robyn via Facebook

Oops, that’s a difficult situation!

2. “Everything was cool until the batteries on the remote died.”

via TiKä via Facebook

Now you’ll have to wait until these kitties have their batteries fully charged.

3. “Siri, will Grubhub deliver coffee from my kitchen to my home office?”

via DuncanIdahoPotatos via Reddit

You’re staying here forever now hooman. Get some food as well.

4. “I am a boat and she is my four-legged anchor.”

via Brchan via Reddit

Mooring you down like a Goddess

5. “Current situation: need to go the bathroom but he’s so cute and peaceful and I don’t wanna wake him. Anyone else has this problem? 😩😻”

via Justine Roy via Facebook


6. “Good thing I don’t have any important errands to run today. Oh, wait …”

via browneyedchem via Reddit

What about those official emails?

7. “The timer on the oven chimed 5 minutes ago and yet here I still am … “

via neoteucer via Reddit

RIP cake…

8. “When there’s a hot pizza that just got delivered to your doorsteps but the cat is using you as a human pillow”

via Image Credit: macluvva via Reddit


9. “Hello 9-1-1, I’ve been taken hostage by a little heart.”

via mvppaulo via Reddit

I’m sorry sir, we can’t do anything about that.

10. “I would say this is a good time to start my rewatch of ‘Mare Of Easttown,’ but as my view of the television is presently obscured I just don’t know”

via 19wolf via Reddit

Kitty, can I take a breathing break?

How adorable are these scenes? But a little difficult to deal with too. Good luck with holding your pee, people but you’ll have to wait until her highness wakes up, anyway. And quit complaining, some of us are craving such affection from our cats.

Keep scrolling to see how kitties are no less than babies, strict sleeping schedules!

11. “Good thing there wasn’t a fire because I would have died before getting up”

via Ineffiblewombat via Reddit

Too cute to handle

12. “I guess I won’t actually sleep in my bed – the couch will have to suffice”

via knittykitty26 via Reddit

She making sure, I don’t wake her up until she’s done taking her beauty sleep

13. “Breathing through the mouth has been disabled – switching to nose auxiliary.”

via Gdb102093 via Reddit

This is just pure love.

14. “Shrimp says Sundays are for cuddling, not housework!”

via neoteucer via Reddit

Better luck next Sunday!

15. “I can pause my workout, that’s fine. Always important to incorporate rest between sets.”

via RockyL15 via Reddit

When she sees a couple of workout videos on Instagram

16. “What’s good for the kitty is bad for my bladder. Please send a doctor, I may require a kidney transplant.”

via sasshley_ via Reddit

Pretty sure even they would refuse to pick up the kitty off of you.

17. “Two hands for typing? I will have to make do with one!”

via Inthehousenow via Reddit

Dude, I hope your girl doesn’t mind late replies.

18. “My grandfather and his cat, Stella. He calls this ‘feline paralysis’ where he can’t move because of the cat.”

via _bbycake via Reddit

Cutest duo!

19. What working from home looks like

Wait for it…


Wait a little more,

via OctopussSevenTwo

Tadaaaaa. This is how they slowly make their way into your hearts first and then your laps.

These cat parents have their priorities sorted out!

What would you do with a full bladder and a sleeping kitty on your lap? They are too gorgeous to wake up. I hope we never get in a situation where waking these felines is our only option. Pretty sure we wouldn’t do it even then. I mean, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! And if doesn’t seem like one for you, consider yourself lucky. Let us know if you have been in a similar situation in the comments section below!


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