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24 Hilarious Pics Of Our 4-Legged Furry Friends That Show They Are Pretty Much Like Humans

Animals have proved many times that they are our best friends. Dogs and cats have been our friends for thousand of years. We humans are not the only one can feel emotions such as love, fear, surprise, excitement. Animals feel that too they cannot tell us verbally of course but they have their own way of telling us that what are they feeling and what is going on in their naughty little minds. They never fail to amaze us. The bond between humans and these 4- legged furry companions is the best. This is highly surprising that dogs can detect when a human is sad and they just come up to the owner’s face and try to snuggle to cheer them up. No one who has lived with a pet could deny they have feelings. Take a look at these pictures proving that our four legged companions are pretty much like us. Don’t forget to watch it till the end.


1. This adorable doggo is feeling extremely sad because he lost a toenail on the ice

© clevortrevor/ Imgur

2. These furry pretty cats don’t like that their owner goes to work early in the morning so they intervene


© MarreMER/ Reddit

3. This doggo tried to follow the owner’s brother and he broke the cat’s door that’s why these eyes are soo sad


© GhaliGhali24/ Reddit

4. This golden beauty loves to take bathtubs


© Unessse/ Reddit

5. “Poor Tessa doesn’t understand why she’s wearing a cone after her (successful) operation.”


© PeaceSim/ Reddit

6. They both know how to pose for a photo


© melocatmom/ Reddit

7. This picture is the cutest, little brother is taking a nap so the big brother won’t leave this baby. The way he is holding says it all


© bkrees/ Reddit

8. Look at these big shiny eyes


© MarreMER/ Reddit

9. When you are just tired of waiting


© WeaselScout/ Reddit

10. Mom look he’s touching me


© Throwawayfacon/ Reddit© caytie82/ Reddit

11. This doggo sits upright on a chair thinking he is a human

© mattdean4130/ Reddit

12. This heating pad doesn’t belong to you, don’t you dare to take it away from me


© yourenotquiteme/ Reddit

13. This beautiful husky love apples so he tried to climb up the tree to get some

Advertisement by UDM

© The_D***_Wife93/ Reddit

14. Don’t interrupt his creative work


© aqjo/ Reddit

15. Just look at those sharp edged teefies

© Darrow67/ Reddit

16. He remember the time when he had the whole backseat by himself


© Jhenning04/ Reddit

17. This cat is a boss and he is not ashamed to show it

© ReshadAli/ Reddit

18. Cutest blep I have ever seen


© I_FailedCaptcha/ Reddit

19. When you catch your dog yawning and he don’t like it

© oddsheepman/ Reddit

20. Planning world domination


© MadCapLaughs1979/ Reddit

21. He’s had more than enough

© giggity/ Reddit

22. I need excitement like this in my life


© TenderDurden/ Reddit

23. Cutest family I have ever seen

© beemrh/ reddit© wish1977/ reddit

24. Meet Charlie he just had a surgery and has to wear a onesie.

© LittleDank/ reddit

Which one of these photos you liked the most. Can you relate with any of these? Share your pet stories in the comment. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more content.


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