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20 Pics That Can Grab Your Heart With Amusing Backstories

Is there anything better in the world than spending time with your furry baby you adore? Obviously, these furry babies are meant to be adored and loved all day, every time, and everywhere. Even if you’re in a terrible mood, these little creatures are always there to cheer you up with their snuggles, kisses, and licking faces. These adorable infants have a way of melting our hearts with their ability to express their love and affection in the most cutest of ways. There’s something so peculiar about these four-legged pups because they can track the gaze of their human parents and they are born with the ability to communicate with them without even saying anything!


We have gathered some heart-warming images that will definitely make your day better and brighter. So, just keep scrolling down and enjoy these purr-fect photos. Don’t forget to let us know what kind of bond you share with your pets!

1. Hey Hooman, please take me with you this time.

Via trevdawg2 / Imgur

“My wife and I got back today from a week-long vacation. This is what happened when I tried to move the car so I could mow.”

2. Have you ever been so happy that you start screaming?

Via Cinema104 / Imgur

“Took my dog to see the daffodils. He enjoyed catching pruned cherry blossom branches. This was the best picture I could manage.”

3. A special dog with a special kind of love.

Via  CertifiedR*** / Reddit

“My mentally challenged dog named Stanley”

This lovely doggo is Stanley. He doesn’t respond to his name nor answer at all. He has only learned one command, “sit,” throughout the course of five years of training with different trainers. However, this adorable pup gains a lot of attention, love and enjoys a high degree of affection.

According to his owner: “He may be a bit slow, but his silly quirks, good nature, and odd little personality make us love him even more.”

4. Looks like they’re having a good time together.

Via Ladyglittersparkle / Imgur

“Tomorrow is my husband’s fortieth birthday. All he wanted was this beautiful pup. 2 years ago, we lost our beloved dog.”

5. Hi little rescuer!

Via GallowB*** / Reddit

“This is Stormy, the newest member of the Alyeska Resort’s mountain safety team. Just imagine being rescued by that face.”

Did you know, Alyeska Resort’s mountain safety staff will train Stormy for the next two years to become a certified avalanche rescue dog.

6. Sometimes, the pet you find becomes your soulmate.

Via  Chatpeach / Imgur

“I adopted an emaciated, flea-ridden cat who hissed at everyone but me.”

“She’s gotten me through one college degree, and she’s by my side as I go through nursing school.”

7. Such a heartwarming photo!

Via  hawaiianryanree / Reddit

“Caught in a candid emotional moment with my doggo: the moment I realized my dog was struggling because I’m struggling.”

8. A lovely wheelchair buddy.

Via  isadf / Imgur

“My friends’ dog made a new friend at the beach today.”

9. Hey Tinks, is that you?

Via TheQuoll / Imgur

“Why yes, I have seen Tinks.”

10. Despite having trouble standing, this doggo stayed with this baby for hours.

Via joscoto / Reddit

“My dog is 18 and has trouble standing. Since Clare was born, he stands for hours watching. Good boy!”

Enjoying reading these adorable stories? These four-legged kids have a strong attachment to their human friends. To be honest, it’s hard to find anything more appealing in human nature than this kind of connection they have with their furry babies. These stories that we share with you are the sources of happiness that make us smile. Check out more of these heartwarming stories!

11. This tiny pup was rescued by this guy.

Via  synnastix / Reddit

“Found a pup on a mountain bike trail.”

On an evening ride, this guy heard coyotes and discovered this little guy cowering in a ditch, and decided to save him. He fed him some water and waited to see if someone came looking for him because he had no collar or a tag. In the end, he carried him in his rucksack and transported him to the nearest fire station to seek assistance from the firefighters there.

12. Aww! this tiny kitty is so scared of that giant fish.

Via  ArkSyil / Reddit

— “Mommy, I see a monster!!!”
— “No, kitty, it’s your toy…”

13. This adorable panda baby was stuck in the backyard.

Via  brokenshutter / Imgur

“My dog had lost his mind this morning, digging and barking like a fool. Baby trash panda had been trapped in our backyard.”

14. Hey Hooman, what’s that silver thing?

Via Dirnol / Reddit

“Pup’s first holiday season! I put a single ornament on the tree and he is waiting to play with it.”

15. Introducing Cheese, an adorably tiny kitty.

Via power-cube / Reddit

16. What a weird position to stay in.

Via Nessi4u / Imgur

“A pic of my dog being not a dog”

This doggo is deaf. But besides being deaf and wearing a vibrating collar, he exhibits certain unusual habits and behavior.

17. Oh, hi there!!

Via areuthless / Reddit

 “We decided to make a cat door because he was always coming into my room…”

18. Sometimes these pups find the most unusual places to hide.

Via hoodooz39 / Imgur

 “My parents’ German Shepherd was missing for 30 hours when our Golden Retriever found her in a drainage pipe.”

19. Why so sad?

Via NewTech21 / Reddit

“I left my door open for 2 seconds to drop off. This sweet baby was in my car when I came back. It’s not my dog.”

20. Lastly, meet Jimmy who loves traveling.

Via  danziehartlieb / Reddit

“This is Jimmy. We live in a van together and travel full-time. He’s been to almost every US state.”

Well, that certainly made us feel all the love around us. Times like these make us want to have more and more pets so we can play with them and enjoy their wits. Do you have any interesting pet stories? And which compiled picture did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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