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22 Times Pets Owners Made A Huge Mistake By Leaving Their Pets Alone

Our pets can not see their owners sigh in relief, they keep us running. These four-legged friends of ours are always up to something, if you’re a pet parent you’ll know. Let’s admit they do make us go crazy sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we love them any less. Animals such as cats and dogs are extremely inquisitive they’ll make sure to poke their cute little noses into everything that you do. They moreover would do anything to catch your attention, it could be something really stupid too, so beware.

They might act very nicely while you’re around or you’re at home but you dare leave them alone at home and you’ll see the devil in them. They’ll make sure to do everything you stopped them from doing while you were at home, they can’t help it. Despite all this, we hardly ever lose our temper over these floofs, that’s because they are extremely adorable and they mean the world to us. Here’s a collection of furballs who made their owners regret for leaving them alone for the slightest moment!

Make sure to scroll till the end because this one is surely going to make your day

1. When you accidentally open the front camera, unprepared

via Marubolas

This purring intruder tried to get into its owner’s phone

2. I swear I woke up like this, dad

via abigailcolbeth

“My dog couldn’t quite figure out how to play cribbage.”

3. He intentionally trips over that chair now, perhaps it’s his new hobby

via BusinessAstronaut

4. When the thief isn’t an expert and leave its marks

via  livera / pikabu

We matched teeth-prints rather than the finger-prints

5. When somebody says food

via pearinactive

“I thought that my cat had disappeared from our sunroom. Then I opened a can of food and this happened…”

6. Busy bee

via mori_jane

Seems like she sure is a social butterfly

7. Not under my watch

via BWasTaken

8. They are on a ceasefire these days

via Sanctus_Espirit 

The peace-treaty includes endless kitty licks

9. The glow-getter kitty

via vzrosly_content

10. “My cat has decided that the Keurig is his new perch and we can no haz coffee.”

via alexisvwarnock

11. She still hasn’t accepted she isn’t the only child now

via mirPolonS

These furry devils are a pro at making a mess, never admitting it, and shamelessly walking away like nothing happened. No matter how much you scold them during the day, your day still is incomplete without endless cuddles with them. They give us the warmest hugs which make us forgive them even though they were an absolute chaos during the day.

Can’t ignore those kitty looks and puppy eyes!

12. Open your eyes doggo, look

via TinTinandHaddock

Feeling extremely sorry for the poor doggo

13. It’s more comfortable this way

via clostridium_dead

14. Shamelessly exhibiting her wrong-doings

via  2x2cats

Look hooman, it broke

15. I is a dog-flower

via Prophettx 

16. My dog tried to hang himself

via sammy_nobrains

“The first time I ever left my dog home alone outside of his crate, I came home to this. 4 years later, I’m still baffled.”

17. The blind-dog

via  little_splinters

18. What a cutie!

via mountainsofcats

19. “I came back home and found this. He was exhausted from so much work.”

via Rilows 

20. He tried brushing his teeth with a dish brush

via  superTrolle1 

Those teary eyes though!

21. When there’s no space to crash but you got to sleep because you sleepy af

via FattyFat_

22. That’s his definition of getting stuck

via AnOkaySamaritan

Life wouldn’t be the safe if these fuzzies weren’t around, they do keep us at their disposal all day long but who’s complaining? Their madness lightens us up from all the anxiety going on in the world, their innocence makes us forget the complexities of the world. There are so many reasons to be thankful for and having these sweet little animals around is above all!

We’re sure you might have also come across such a situation where you must have regretted leaving your pet alone, do share with us in the comments below. We are all up for funny cat and dog stories!


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