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25 Awkward Yet Awwdorable Pets That Set Our Hearts On Fire With Their Cuteness

No matter how weird your pet gets, he would end up looking adorable.

From sitting in an awkward position to sleeping in the neighbor’s house, pets literally leave no chance of acting weird and making you embarrassed. Whether they get angry or act derpy, the cutest pets end up looking adorable. No matter what they do, they end up making their place in our hearts and what else do we wish for? A lovely pet and we are good to go! Today, we have made a wholesome collection of some of the pets who are awkward but we are sure they will set your hearts on fire with their adorability. So, scroll down and have fun!


1. Meet the derpiest boy on Earth.

© unknown / reddit

2. When you have nothing to do so you decide to lay down upside down.


© sunshineandhomicide / reddit

3. Meet Peach, he loves sleeping in between the pillows.


© SivlerMiku / reddit

4. “My new cat has these eyebrows that only make her look sad or nervous, lol.”


© Mattdehaven / reddit

Aww! Poor catto is not sad!

5. Meet Charlie, the new kitten in the house.


© PristineInevitable / reddit

6. That’s how we play hide and seek.


© darkdolo / reddit

7. When your dog poses better than you.


© freespiritedshadow / reddit

8. Cats love paper bags.


© Slothkitty / reddit

9. “I wanted a cat, my wife wanted a dog, we compromised and now have Gibson.”


© Pukit / reddit

10. When a rabbit wears lipstick:


© unknown / imgur

11. Mama, please let me go out and play.

© GloomyStorage / reddit

When a pet makes this face, we wonder what he wants? What’s in his mind? With this sweet and innocent face, pets can get whatever they want and we won’t mind giving them. We can not resist saying “aww”. We are sure you must have said that too. It’s the little, weird things about a pet that are enough to set our hearts on fire. Scroll down to see more!

12. He has the bendiest neck.


© lucyecv / reddit

13. Meet Maya. She is enjoying frisbee time.

© PanDime86 / reddit

14.Everytime you call his name.


© httpher / reddit

15. How beautiful is his smile!

© Huntergames888k / reddit

16. Meet Tucker. Can’t wait to get home and snuggle.


© dog_rates / twitter

17. Two bestfriends meeting in the park.

© thesindyy / reddit

18. Before and after 3 years.


© clt96 / reddit

19. When you want to eat but also do not want to get out of bed.

© IT1313 / reddit

20. What is she doing in an empty toilet paper bag?


© PyrateHooker / reddit

21. He gets happy when he is around kids.

22. She played, she got dirty. She bathed, she dried.


© ehill86 / reddit

23. When he ruins your hours of work:

© xcbrent / reddit

24. Little quackman is adorably cute!

© thoughtful_otter / reddit

25. “This is Tonka. It’s his first time at the park.”

© dog_rates / twitter

Can’t decide if he is happy or sad to be at the park. Awkward but awdorable. We love how adorably awkward these pets are. Tell us in the comments which one of these pets did you like the most. If you have a pet who acts weird but looks absolutely cute, share their pictures with us!


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