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15 Wholesome Pics Proving Animals Are Too Pure For Us

Researchers remain unable to determine the degree of self-awareness in animals. Far less if they possess any conscious thoughts at all. We like to think of ourselves as out of the ordinary. We cannot help but agree that animals share several of our characteristics. Particularly those that complement their main motto: seize and take in the moment.

So what are you waiting for folks? Keep on scrolling down below and make sure you watch it till the end otherwise, you are not going to analyze your adorable pets. We are sure that you are going to love it!

1. “It’s hard to stay mad at her no matter how naughty she is.”


© BellaRoselyn / Reddit

2. “Happiest haircut I’ve ever seen.”


© Barber_4429 / Reddit

3. Please hooman take us to beach, we want to have plenty of fun.

© Rim_World / Reddit

4. “My dog dangling his feet like a small child”


© TinyPurpleElephant / Reddit

5. “My pup trying to figure out if he’s being mocked or if he’s receiving affection.”


© Catrecht / Reddit

6. “Radish Salad Pants having a post-daycare snooze.”


© RadPants30 / Reddit

7. “Hobbes gives hugs.”

© aesop7 / Reddit

8. “Mom’s in the bath, pups are concerned.”


© TheDanzoShow / Reddit

9. “Nice to see these mini libraries branching out.”

© OwlsAreOustanding / Reddit

10. “Eh? Why did you stop preening?”


© TheWanderingPigeon / Reddit

11. “Mommy look at me, I can swim on my back.”

© lebele / Reddit

12. “Bruce feeling mighty sus this morning.”


© WhatUtalkinBowWirrus / Reddit

13. “Well she likes the fan I guess.”

© Mr_Hyde337 / Reddit

14. “That moment you go out to attempt a dream shot and nail it.”


© m1cky69 / Reddit

15. This dog has the most adorable smile I swear

© alessiofs / Reddit

16. When your dog is so happy and content and he feels the safest in your arms is the moment you also fall in love with them


© brianlefevre87 / Reddit

17. “Describe your cat in one picture.”

© Erchamion_1 / Reddit

18.“We couldn’t find my baby’s pacifier. Turns out my friend’s baby found it.”


© ****-x-L3GEND / Reddit

19. “Vet’s mew surgical assistant”

© MissyTheSnake / Reddit

Aren’t these pets simply adorable? Yes, they are and we are glad and so blessed that nature gifted us with such adorable mates. You might have noticed, when you come back home from a very long and tiring day and your pet is waiting inside for you, and when they come running to you all the worries and tensions are gone. We are simply blessed to have such adorable pets.

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