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20 Pets Who Tell You A Whole Story With Their Expressions Without Saying A Word

Animals, animals, and animals! You must have read or heard this word numerous times during the day on the internet or heard it from your friends. Obviously, mother nature has made these fluffies, that are so cute that it’s impossible not to fall in love with them. They have some kind of attraction or vibes inside that serve as gravity and are powerful enough to draw attention and love from all over the world.


The Internet is filled with images of these animals, and every time you look at them, you wish the images would never end. We could spend a whole day staring at them (and smiling like idiots!) These fluffies are enough to bring charm into our life no matter what day it is, what season it is, or how we are feeling.

Despite their inability to communicate verbally, these animals know how to convey their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. They know how to to express their feelings. It could be as simple as wiggling their tails while looking at us, or their eyes shining like a star when watching us working, or just an innocent smile. Each of these four-legged babies have their own way of expressing their love for us.

Check out these aww-dorable images of animals that is surely enough to make your day a little brighter and better!

1. “Don’t talk to me, hooman. You have betrayed my trust by taking me to the vet.”

Via philman222 / Reddit

“Our cat after a visit to the vet — I guess I know how it went.”

2. This is the cutest duo of a a toy and and a dog!

Via  mac_is_crack / Reddit

“Our girl with her favorite toy”

3. What could this cat be so creeped out about?

Via BraySC / Reddit

4. Animals are the best at portraying emotions without saying a single word!

Via  Kiplon92 / Reddit

“Meet Daisy and Luna. Daisy is afraid of car rides, so Luna does her best to calm her down.”

5. Perfect background, beautiful smile and the cutest facial expressions. This dog knows how to take a perfect selfie!

Via BeefJyrkii / Reddit

6. “Go to work! I’m just gonna sleep, eat and play all day!”.

Via pripyat1583 / Reddit

“I’m going to work now, and he’ll be sleeping at home for the whole day. He’s mocking me.”

7. Rosie looks like she regrets stepping on a wasp and wants to sorry to it.

Via pilkodice / Reddit

“Our baby Rosie stepped on a wasp…”

8. Together we can be “The Three Musketeers”!

Via  MyrtyGert / Reddit

“Master, we’ve been together for all these years. Only you and I. Now we have him. Can’t believe this is forever.”

9. The cat just wants to be remembered during the trip.

Via Mseafigs / Reddit

“I’ve been taking her out of a suitcase dozens of times, explaining that I can’t take her on a trip with me. This time she decided to opt for a small reminder of herself.”

10. Having an understanding and a loving pet can be the greatest stress reliever of all!

Via sheenvs / Reddit

11. This is the most handsome duo ever!

Via merd2k / Reddit

“Well, I have a son. As handsome as I, by the way. Now plant your trees and build your houses yourself, if you want.”

12. This pup looks like a happy damp bird-puppy.

Via Flegik / Reddit

“He loves taking a bath, and sometimes I think he’s purposely trying to get dirty during our walks.”

These animals have existed for a long period of time before we did. But what’s the secret behind their long lives? It’s because they understand what it means to be alive. They discover beauty in the tiniest of things and are happy with them. They lead a life that is filled with happiness in its most basic form. After watching these gorgeous critters smile, you will understand what we are talking about.

These innocent smiles will undoubtedly melt your heart. Take a look at these images that we’ve collected to help you understand what the genuine definition of happiness is. There’s no excuse not to smile like them; they follow a simple rule to be happy: LOVE YOUR LIFE!

13. This dog should always be surrounded by bubbles. He looks so happy!

Via dawnrawr / Reddit
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14. This look is the opposite of attitude of gratitude!

Via Nickchaseme / Reddit

“What ’other beautiful cats’ are you talking about? How can anyone compete with me?”

15. Can you sense some jealousy in this picture?

Via rawrimkat1017 / Reddit

“Am I still your lovely good boy? Am I?”

16. “Can I get a piggy-back ride, please!”

Via JovelleA / Reddit

17. Someone enjoys to take a bath!

Via the_zigs / Reddit

“He wants me to turn on the water, so he climbed into the sink. This happens every morning.”

18. Haven’t seen this innocent doggo ever!

Via mintmarshall / Reddit

“What do you mean you ate all the goodies? Sharing is caring!”

19. That’s how we all look at the end of the day!

Via  AdolfHasselhoff / Reddit

20. When you know the truth and someone is lying to you!

Via curlysass / Reddit

“Man, I’ve got a new plan to take over the world!”

21. The face you make when someone gives you a relaxing head-massage.

Via KlaudiaDrums / Reddit

22. “What do you mean there are no abs? They are behind these fur”

Via Assgrenade94 / Reddit

23. Live like there is no tomorrow!

Via renee484 / Reddit

24. It’s just a slice of HAPPINESS!

Via just-a-traveler / Reddit

25. Wish this pup a Happy Birthday!

Via PAytonBrown / Twitter

Which compiled image made you smile the most? Let us know in the comments section below!


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