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11 Adorable Pets That Deserve A Million Medals For Their Awesome Acts

These pets are the best thing to happen to humanity.

While people flex over their achievements animals prefer to be quiet in this matter. But some of some things are that we cannot do and all the credit goes to these animals for their courage, speed and kindness all the way. They never fail to impress us. These furry companions are real champions and heroes. We still have a lot to learn from them. So today we have collected these 11 amazing animals that could easily receive 1,000 medals easily or even more. These animals have performed tasks not only helpful to their owners but their kindly would want anyone to get a pet. So keep on scrolling down and don’t forget to watch it till the end.

1. Meet Best, he is a malamute and surprisingly he has been to the top of Mount Elbrus 40 times, he’s really beautiful

Photo Credits: © AlexanderBondar / pikabu

2. Hey am Trevor, I donate blood to save the lives of sick cats, he’s a legit hero


Photo Credit: © stagg_99 / reddit

3. “This is Murphy. He’s a good boy — he saved my niece from a nest of wasps by carefully licking and nipping them off without hurting her. He got stung quite a few times.”


Photo Credit: © kabal363 / reddit

4. This awesome doggo is Gary, and he is fond of travelling around rivers and rocky mountains


5. Meet Herbie, he’s a therapy dog at a hospital, thank you Mr Herbie for your service


Photo Credits: © shadowbubbles247 / reddit

6. Meet this brave cat Musafa who saved her owner from a snake that snuck into his bedroom


Photo Credit: © StephanieDube / twitter

7. Meet this hero, he’s a blind dog but this couldn’t stop him from being a true hero Molly guided 7 people, 2 dogs, and 4 cats out of a fire


Photo Credit: © Unknown / imgur

8.  Everybody meet Valder, who saved his owner from a hammer falling from the fourth floor


Photo Credit: © gotojuch / twitter

9. She’s not the normal cat you are looking at six months ago she scared a mountain lion and saved her owner’s life


Photo Credit: © FloorLamp500 / reddit

10. Purin and her owner, Makoto Kumagai, set the Guinness World Record for the number of jumps made by a dog and a person in 1 minute, jumping 58 times.


Photo Credit: © Guinness World Records / youtube

11. This guardian started barking in the middle of the night it turned out that there was a gas leak in the owner’s apartment

Photo Credit: © NobelLandMermaid / reddit

These dogs are real companions, they did some heroic acts and they deserve thousands of medals for their bravery and loyalty. This picture proves that animals are our true friends. Let us know what do you think about this post in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share. Stay tuned for more content

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