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20 Photos Of Pets That Prove Love Comes In All Shapes And Species

True love is hard to come by.

Whether you believe me or not, we as human beings are starved for love. And we try to find it wherever we can. We might have the whole world at our fingertips but we have never felt so alone. It might be because we have so many faces reserved for every different part of our life that we forget the reality of who we are. However, there is one love that transcends all of this after the love of parents of course.


It’s the love that a pet can have for you. After all, we are their whole world. The only world they know and there is nothing more beautiful than that. Love is not only reserved for humans but animals as well. And today we are going to focus on that. So scroll on below and get ready to have a permanent smile on your face.

#1 They are both just trying to reassure each other.

Via totalinfonet

Glad to have you, fren.

#2 Is she getting married to the guy or the good boy?

Via Frontbovie

I promised to try to love her as much as our Golden does.

#3 Who needs a pillow in this situation?

Via Vivaciousvivs

Sunny loves her human Luna.

#4 That adorable smile can light up the world.

Via  LlamaRoo5

After waiting 115 days, our little farm girl woke to brand new KuneKune piglets!

#5 Does she know the Dane is bigger than she is?

Via rambodane

Just a girl and her Dane.

#6 That look of love will melt anyone’s heart.

Via CaptainJaker100

My kitten likes to be held like a baby.

#7 The pleading look in her eyes though.

Via ninchmoon

I think Pia is trying to tell Peter something..

#8 ‘Don’t worry, we are almost there.’

Via Kiplon92

This is Daisy and Luna. Daisy doesn’t like car rides, so Luna comforts her until they both fall asleep.

#9 I bet your back is all warm and cozy now.

Via eeemry

We’ve been together for 10 years now. He is the best thing to ever happen to me!

#10 Where else was the puppy supposed to rest?

Via osination

This gentleman at Target who reversed his hooded sweatshirt to make a puppy pocket.

#11 ‘I will take care of the baby.’

Via ritty84

My pit has been extremely affectionate with my sister ever since she got pregnant.

#12 This much growth only took 6 months?

Via jdex89

I bought my dad a puppy six months ago, 120lbs pounds later he’s bestest biggest boy.

Meet Odin.

#13 I think the kitty appreciates it.

Via FatCat45

My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right after. I’ve been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy time.

#14 He certainly looks very happy.

Via dessman99

6 weeks and 6 months.

#15 ‘Let me hug him a bit longer!’

Via memezzer

Happy to see you.

#16 One look at her face and you can tell how happy she is.

Via nooneuknow42

When I adopted her from the rescue I was worried I couldn’t make her happy. I think she is happy.

#17 I think you mean she found you not the other way around.

Via zanmim

The little kitten we found in our yard a couple weeks ago has been settling in nicely.

We named her Whiskey!

#18 I think the little puppy has ‘hatched’ already.

Via Flickr

#19 That is the look of contentment.

Via Egglover331

This dog is so adorable, that smile gets me every time.

#20 That is his dog now.

Via GoldenFrenchy

Just a guy and his wife’s dog.

Which one of these images did you find the most adorable? Could you see the look of love in all of these pictures? What about you? Does your pet give you a similar look? Comment down below and let us know.


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