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Amusingly Wholesome Twitter Thread About What It Is Like Petting A Cat Versus A Dog

This thread is too cute and too amusing.

We all are aware of the fact that these two creatures are the most loving and beautiful pets ever. They both make a great pets. There is literally no comparison between a cat and a dog, they are totally opposite of each other but equally loving. They both are very precious creatures, no other animal is as good with humans as these two. aside from being incredible pets, they both also are great best friends to their owners as well. They both show signs of concern, love and possessiveness towards their owners. Both of them have amazing qualities which makes them both amazing lifelong companions.

They both have their own unique differences. Starting with dogs, it is no secret that dogs thrive on only one thing and that is the affection of their owners. You can pet them all day continuously and they still would not get tired of it, they would not want you to stop ever and that is literally all you have to do to a dog to make it fall in love with you, protect and obey you forever. A dog just can not have enough head pets and belly rubs. Whereas cats are just so mysterious and unpredictable, you never know what exactly a cat wants. They are moody creatures and they do not follow a routine. If they want pets they will let you know somehow and their body language would let you know that they are done with you, for now, if you keep on disturbing them by invading their space then R.I.P to your arms. Giving scratches is the only solution and answer a cat knows. Having a cat is like playing a guessing game 24/7. Keep on scrolling down to read this entertaining twitter thread…

1. This image fits so perfectly.

Image Credit: @Browtweaten

2. Aww, your ladybird is so precious.


Image Credit: @MetroidFREAK21

3. Oh, this is the first time I have heard anything like this about a dog.


Image Credit: @firecatbaby

4. True story.


Image Credit: @The_RodentKing

5. That picture represents each and every cat owner.


Image Credit: @tsar_bomba

6. Oh, God. Truly, that happens every time with my dog.


Image Credit: @appabend451

This image is literally so true. I always feel super bed when I have to go out alone, leaving my dog behind. It gets very emotional every time. They know how to look sad, they will give you the most depressed and upset look ever which would make you want to leave everything and just play for a while longer with your dog. It is their trick, a very successful trick that I always fall for. I can not help it they are too cute. Cats are just cats, we know that their enigmatic personality can drive any sane person insane. They are so unpredictable. Having a cat is so thrilling and crazy, you never know what it might want the next moment. One wrong move and you are done, if not then you will get a needy purring cat wanting to snuggle with you endlessly. I would happily take all of those scratches anytime if it means that I would get cuddles from my cat the next moment. Honestly, it is worth it. I love this thread, I love how creative everyone is getting with the images. It is so amusing and hilarious. Keep on scrolling down to see the rest of the thread…

7. Cats are so difficult to understand.


Image Credit: @queenofpern

8. Leave him alone before he decorates you with scratches.


Image Credit: @forbidthegemini

9. They are moody little creatures.


Image Credit: @godgiven099

10. Aww, they are so similar.


Image Credit: @Blazisulu

11. Rest in peace, the new expensive gaming rig.

Image Credit: @GDZerron21

12. Okay, you are lucky then.


Image Credit: @jk_96_

13. For real, this is exactly what it is like having a pet cat.

Image Credit: @misseverywhereg

See, there is no winner. they both are equally amazing pets. Do you have a cat or a dog? Or do you have both? How would you explain what it is like to pet a cat and a dog? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below…


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