40 Times People Found Random Cats In Their House And Got Adopted By Them

You can find cats in the most random of places.

Even if you have a pet cat, sometimes you may not be able to find it for a few hours only to realize that the sneaky cloud was hiding over the refrigerator or making a mess in the toilet. However, that is not what we are here to focus on today. We are actually going to pay attention to a Facebook group by the name of ‘My house, not my cat’. As you can probably tell by the name, it is all about people finding cats in their homes when they don’t even have a cat.


Why do cats go into strangers’ houses? Well, I can’t pinpoint one exact reason but it is usually because they are curious. And other times they just want more food and will go to someones else’s house to get a second helping of treats. Yes, cats can be that clever. So we have found some of the best instances of cats ending up in random places for whatever reasons. Not only are these pictures adorable but some of these even have a short story with them to explain who the cat belongs to and how it ended up there.

Scroll below to take a look for yourself and enjoy the adorableness.

Source: Facebook

#1 This is Homer and he is adorable.

My partner and I met him probably 5 years ago, we never knew who he belonged to, so we fed him and he would spend most of the night with us, he ended up being my neighbour’s cat and his real name was “a**hole” (we named him homer we didn’t know what his name was) last year we ended up moving to a new town 3 hours away from where we used to live, it was really hard to leave homer behind, we loved him and cared for him almost like he was our own, my partner travels to melbourne and visits him sometimes!

Well a few weeks ago, our old neighbour contacted us and said he was moving and going to work in the mines and that he was looking at rehoming Homer, so of course we said yes! So In a few days our little grey man will be reuniting with us and we are so excited!

#2 She was found 8 years ago but now she owns the home she lives in as is clear by these pictures.


#3 This is Marley and she is the neighbor’s cat.


#4 This is also a neighbor’s cat but likes to come to this house to get some peace.


#5 Apparently his collar says ‘Do not feed me’ which tells me that this happens a lot.


#6 This is also the neighbor’s cat who comes to this house for food.


#7 When a random cat decides to steal your dog’s bed.


This male cat is sound asleep sharing a dog bed with a female Belgian Malinois dog I’m fostering. There are 2 male Malinois out of view & this cat likes to tag along as I leash-walk each dog. All the dogs are friendly toward the cat but the female dog is especially attentive to him

#8 None of these cats belong to this person but this is my dream come true.


Last spring I planted Catnip with my garden herbs that I hang in pots on our fence. I didn’t grow up with cats, so I was ignorant to the fact that some cats really do find it irresistible. The huge tabby on the chair was the first one to turn up shortly thereafter. We simply call him Mister, because it’s very, ahem, obvious that he’s a male from the rear. It was clear that he had never been socialized around people. He has never been aggressive, but he was very scared of us for a good long while. Any sudden movement would send him back on top of the fence where he was most comfortable. It has taken 9 patient months, completely on his terms, but I can finally feed him treats right out of my hand and even pet him a little bit.

I think he sired 2 generations of kitties somewhere in the neighborhood in the meantime, because these friendly little kittens started showing up gradually too. You can’t tell in the photos, but they do have distinct stripes. I had never seen black tabbies before! We leave food and water out, and are very generous with the treats. We’ve been helping to get them all fixed, too. Someone else around here also seems to be assisting with that, though I’ve not quite figured out who. If I can manage to get Mister in a carrier and get him in to be fixed, that will be a huge accomplishment. Slowly but surely, I guess. In the meantime, they come and go as they please, and you never know who is going to make an appearance on any given day. This was this morning’s swarm.

#9 This little baby has two homes and likes to hang out at both places.


#10 This beautiful kitten was abandoned by the neighbors.


Our neighbors tossed him out. He comes in for breakfast and dinner and sometimes if it’s raining. He has trained us to pay tribute with treats on a schedule. Yesterday was a nice day so I put a blanket on the pool deck and was lying down to get some fresh air. I turned my head to the right and saw this.

#11 Okay, this is too adorable for words.

I take care of a feral colony that lives in my garage (with heaters!). Mama Cat decided last night to give birth (yes, she’ll be TNR’d). Only she abandoned one newborn kitten around 00:45 today. Unbeknownst to us. We found a mostly frozen newborn kitten that I’d swear was agonal breathing.

I got kitten warmed up and cleaned up, it started moving. After a lovely meal of KMR, kitten is a milk drunk void. Hopefully, we won’t lose it. Meet NMK (not my kitten) but probably will be.

#12 When two cats randomly show up at your stairs.


#13 Cats when they hear that a house feeds strays.

#14 When you somehow get a cat.


This fellow has now learned to walk quietly behind me and sneak in when I open the door from my morning coffee run. This was my morning meeting … my colleagues commented “There’s a lot of meowing, Hamlen, for someone who doesn’t have a cat”

#15 This is Rust and he found his home.

I ended up keeping him for a month before finding his owners on FB, I was heartbroken to hand him over but I knew it was the right thing. 3 months later he came back so I contacted his owners only to be told that they have moved over 300miles away so I knew I had to keep him. Since then he’s been my best friend and he’s happier than ever.

#16 This is his house now and there is nothing you can do about it.


#17 When it is raining outside and a cat needs shelter.

#18 Some cats just need a hug.


… he just turned up and got straight onto the nearest heated cushion with built-in massage capacity (me). He then divided the night between me and my partner in our separate sleeping bags, demonstrating PhD-level expertise in getting under the covers to where it was really warm. I can fully recommend having a warm soft purry thing in the sleeping bag to enhance a night’s camping.
In the morning, he got up from his snuggle with my partner when he noticed I was making tea, and required milk – which he got, of course. The bailiffs came by and told us he’s called Leo. When we left he was still trying to get under things, on top of our pile of packed up kit!

#19 This is such a bittersweet story.

My neighbours were very anti cat, didn’t like them at all…….until our Toby decided to visit. He made himself at home, sleeping on their bed. Toby changed them completely, they bought him treats, cooked him chicken, they even rang to see how he was when they were away. Sadly, we lost our dear Toby to cancer last year. We’d had him ten years, and he was very much loved by us and our neighbours.

We laid him to rest in the memorial garden, and to my surprise, I found a small plaque that they’d put on a rock nearby. It read “Toby, he was our little friend”. I sobbed when I read it. (Photo shows Toby with our beloved late doggy Sausage, who our neighbours also loved.
They are shown here on a doggy bed bought by them)

#20 These two chonky cats apparently love this bed.


#21 This is a cat’s basket but this cat is unknown.

#22 The white cat is a stranger.


#23 This cat likes to have a candlelight dinner.

#24 This is Lando and he basically adopted a family.

Well, I was going through my phone not long ago and found a picture I took of him walking down the street about a month or two before he barged into my life. From that skinny stray to the loving and vocal 21lb a**hole, his transition from a NMC to my cat has been one hell of a glow up for him

#25 I am glad that Joe was able to find a new home.

They left him outside all the time no matter the weather and really didn’t bother with him. One day my mom tells me they packed up and left in the middle of the night. They took their dogs and a few things and just left. So old Joe started spending most of his time on moms porch. He would do the rounds in the morning, visiting a couple of the neighbors who would give him treats and sometimes food. There was also an older gentleman who walked down the street every day who gave him treats.

When winter came, my mom went to Michaels and bought one of those little wooden crate type boxes, threw a blanket into it and slid it under the porch swing (covering that with a blanket to block the wind) against the house so Joe would have a warm place to sleep, because he would never come in the house. Joe wasn’t a fan of being petted and picking him up was out of the question, but he’d sit close by and relax on the porch with you. Joe been gone a couple years now but I just found this page so I thought I’d give a little shout out to this fuzzy boy.

#26 This kitty got caught trying to get in through the window.


#27 How did this cat get into the sink? No idea…


#28 This kitty just wants the door open.

#29 He clearly wants pets under his chin.


#30 She really is a ray of sunshine.

My husband was in Puerto Rico taking care of his parents. This teeny gal kept showing up. My husband fell in love. So in love, she is now a Texan. So it was his parents’ house, not their cat, but now, a vet visit, shots, travel certificate, plane ride with a layover away, she’s all ours. We needed a black cat to add to our unintentional growing litter. (She is adapting well to English. Just kidding. She’s a cat. They do as they please in all languages)

#31 He is a beautiful stray cat who comes to have his lunch at this house.

#32 Girlie really is quite gorgeous.


Girlie has annointed herself my greeting committee. She knows which one is my assigned parking space, and if my car isn’t in it, she will wait for me (year round!) on the sidewalk along the road I take to get home.

Girlie knows the sound of my car, and will come running from out of nowhere when she hears it! When I come home, I roll down the windows of my car and call for her. Girlie is usually waiting for me, but on those odd days when she isn’t, I hear the sound of her tiny paws shortly after, scrambling across the stone landscape toward my car. I can then see this healthy chonk full-tilt running behind my car to beat me to my parking space so that she can greet me properly.

She sniffs the plants and waits up the hill on the sidewalk for me to grab my stuff and start the walk home, and then(and only then) she darts up my stairs and stands impatiently with her nose pressed to my security door. At this point, she lets out the tiniest little ‘mew!!!’ to let me know that she is ready to sit with me for 5 minutes at the top of the stairs while I dole out her favorite snacks. I treasure this time. I tell her about my day, scritch under her chin (everywhere else seems to be politely rebuffed so far) and when the snacks are gone, she trots down the stairs into the night.

My little love, Girlie

#33 The only way to get out of the snow is to go into a stranger’s house.

#34 This kitty looks quite pissed off for some reason.

#35 When a cat comes in to give birth.


#36 When your apartment doesn’t allow pets but the cats don’t listen.

#37 This is a very sneaky kitty who came in when the door was open.

#38 This cat has claimed this bed.


#39 The legs belong to the cat now and you can’t move anymore.

#40 Another neighbor’s cat.

Which one of these pictures was your favorite? And have you ever come home to a random cat sitting on your sofoa? If so, did you end up adopting the cat or let it go free? Let us know in the comments down below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can enjoy the adorableness as well.


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