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Neighbor Takes A Cold Revenge And Defeats Karen By Buying Her House

Neighbors can be a right pain in the non-mentionable.

And no I don’t mean all neighbors but it’s like some have made it their life mission to harass you every moment for their lives. From making a mess of your garden to listening to loud music in the middle of the night. There is nothing they won’t do.

Maybe they realize it and still do it or maybe they are just crappy human beings. Whatever, the reason, a house in the middle of nowhere can sound like paradise for most people.

So when this couple moved into a new duplex, they thought it would be all rainbows and roses. As it turns out a Karen lived right next to them. And as you can imagine, many hijinks occurred followed by the couple buying the house Karen lived in.

Following is how the story goes.

Source: Reddit

The duplex sounds like a dream until you get to the neighbors part.

Why do some neighbors have to be so entitled?


Wow, I hope the kids turn out better than the parents.


The answer for everything? Call the cops.


Oh, you thought this story was only about the Karen? You’re wrong.


It’s like they forgot laws exist.


I am definitely ready.


Now, That is what I am talking about. It was all worth it in the end.


The OP even explained some minor points so as not to confuse anyone.


That story was definitely a wild ride. And I have to say I am quite happy that the neighbor got what she deserved. However, that does not mean she doesn’t want to have the last word.

So it is quite probable she will damage the hell out of that property to spite this Reddit user. And I am not the only one who thinks that.

I think she will enjoy it after those nasty neighbors leave.


As you can imagine, people were quite concerned about the property.

Sounds reasonable but that wouldn’t have packed the same punch.


It sounds like a great idea. However, OP doesn’t wanna do anything rash because of coronavirus.

It certainly was satisfying.


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