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25 Photos That Prove Pit Bulls Are Full Of Love And They Are Too Cute To Handle

Pitbulls are not aggressive, they have a friendly nature.

Some people think pitbulls are very aggressive and can attack you but that is not the case with all the pitbulls. Pitbulls are hard to train and they have an aggressive nature because they are originally supposed to be fight dogs. Pitbulls have a playful nature and they love to bond with humans. Today, you will see 25 pitbulls who are just full of love. These photos will show you the true side of pitbulls and they will change your view about pitbulls. So, are you ready? Scroll down and let the fun begin.

1. This Pitbull puppy is in love with this dog.

2. When you tell him you are taking him to the park:


© highclassmang / Reddit

3. Pitbull puppies are absolutely beautiful:


© twentyonecomic / Twitter

4. When you get caught in the middle of make out:


© satanas81 / Reddit

5. Hey, stop taking all the attention:


© _NITRISS_ / Reddit

6. They can even swim.


7. That’s Elsa from Disney:


© onimitsu / Reddit

8. Now you know how playful they are?


© Batman / Reddit

9. Teasing them is our favorite hobby:


© sickpirax / Reddit

10. “My pitbull Emma was sick of people thinking she’s scary and decided to dress up as her true self this Halloween”


© jrmcchicken / Reddit

11. The face she makes while getting belly rubs:

12. When you tell him to smile for the camera:


© mohawkward / Reddit

Pitbulls are friendlier than you thought. No need to get afraid of them, they would not bite you. LOL. They would become your best friends instantly. As soon as you will adopt them, they will fall in love with you. They are not only harmless for their owners but also for the people around them. Besides being harmless and friendly, they are also mischievous and we love them for everything they do.

13. When your human is busy doing his work and you want attention:

14. I am the boss of this house and this couch belongs to me:


15. Will you be my Valentine?

© Strudlee / Reddit

16. Babysitting the babies is their favorite activity:


© Conan013 / Reddit

17. Meet this gentleman!

© magpieman01 / Reddit

18. They are full of love and can even share their bed with cats:


© Unknown / Imgur

19. When you hang out with a cat, you become a cat:

© Unknown / Reddit

20. “Meet Victor! He hasn’t left my side since I adopted him yesterday.”


© Unknown / Imgur

21. “This is Atlas. Most people don’t like him because he is a pit bull, but all he wants is love and to be dressed up.”

© DandelionDino / Reddit

What a lovely pup!

22. That’s what disciplined bois look like:


© Unknown / Reddit

23. That’s how he loves humans:

© kblaster4 / Reddit

24. They give the best high fives!


© RedHeadNerd / Imgur

25. Can you see the love in their eyes?

© QueenLorax / Reddit

Now you know how harmless pitbulls really are? Are you a pitbull owner? If yes, share its photos with us. Comment down to mention your favorite ones from our list.


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