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Movie Fans Point Out Bizarre But True Plot Points In Famous Movies (50 Points)

For as long as human history has prevailed, entertainment has served as a way to help us all escape our realities and find solace in worlds that don’t really exist around us. From ancient folktales to modern blockbuster fantasy worlds have been a way for us to escape the truths of our present for some time. When it comes to the latter, though, it’s often seen that these tend to weave the fabric of our reality with unnatural and imaginative concepts. They do this in a way that makes it seem as though there’s a possibility that our world stands a chance at facing these circumstances while we stand by and oversee. As unreal and impossible as these movies tend to be, there’s always a tinge of reality interlaced within their nature that it’s fascinating to note.

While there might be scary monsters prowling through the streets of New York in a fantasy thriller, or talking teacups and closets in a princess fairytale, the writers don’t forget to keep in mind the physical realities of our world when they’re basing the stories. These might not be easy to notice when your screen is literally displaying scenes as absurd and impossible as a talking candle or a magical ice castle, but, regardless, they exist in the intricacies we overlook. These movies, despite their imaginative nature, tend to hold realistic undertones that make a lot of sense when you finally notice them.

These Reddit users shared some strange movie plots that make sense in reality. So, check them out by scrolling down!

1. Wookies were definitely one of the best Star Wars creatures!

Via BookerDeWittsCarbine,Star Wars Jay

Despite the fact that the number and range of these concepts are numerous, one of the most discussed films is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The film is based on J.K Rowling’s seven books, which she wrote between 1997 and 2007. The first film was released in 2001. The success of the series of novels and films about the magical realm may still be witnessed today. Harry and two other important characters, Rony and Hermione, have one of the most fervent fandoms one could conceive.

2. This will make you realize how dystopian our society actually is.

Via ToyVaren,Movieclips

3. All she wants in the first half of the movie is to go on an adventure, and in the second half, she just wants to go home…

Via Lindvaettr,Movie-screencaps

The story is about a youngster who lives in squalor until one day he discovers that he is a wizard, and the rest is history. Despite the fact that the plot of the movies is full of fantasy and magic aspects that should make sense, some Reddit users point out some shocking but reasonable concepts that call into doubt the reality depicted in these series.

4. People who have read the book might disagree with this statement.

Via SammichParade,Harry Potter Clips

5. The first parts are always the best!

Via HotCaterpillar2,Dmitry Djouce

6. Every human has this power. You don’t just apply force where it is not needed, right?

Via CapnFancyPants,Flashback FM

Some comments point out that these characters have the power to stop important world problems such as food shortages, energy shortages, and space shortages, but are instead preoccupied with issues that are completely unrelated. Some people were concerned about privacy concerns associated with actual owls delivering mail. In addition, have you ever considered how difficult it would be for the main three to obtain work following high school, given that they barely attended and did not sit for any exams?

7. The whole purpose of the movie was to depict the negligence of his parents.

Via JoeyMastro,Movieclips

8. That wouldn’t make him a superhero now, would it?

Via LuxuryDivine,Shed On The Moon

9. They probably believed in the phrase “In unity there is power”.

Via 11ma3,Star Wars

10. This is a dream come true for women.

Via xlillinxysx,Wizarding World

11. Doesn’t this make you wish you were in the movies too?

Via dollysharton,Harry Potter Clips

12. Anyone can be Pooh!

Via [deleted],Disney

13. Who knew running away could save you from being convicted?

Via Capn-Fail,DisneyMusicVEVO

14. Maybe, the toy company provided extra hats for its dolls…

Via tthatmattkid58,Pixar

15. Classism at its best.

Via Aukrust,EWFW | Emma Watson Fans World

16. Mike Wazowski never fails to amaze us when it comes to his anatomy.

Via MeanMug337,Movieclips Classic Trailers

17. Weren’t the shoes gifted to her though?

Via Pete29392,Movie-screencaps

18. What a dreadful thought…

Via MithrandirElessar,Movie-Screencap

19. Dr. Strange really is a true icon.

Via DAnon318,Marvel Entertainment

20. Why can’t we have nice things.

Via GrumpyPidgeon,Movie-Screencaps

21. To think that one day we are all gonna become fuel. Man, that’s dark.

Via One-Angry-Goose,Pixar Car

22. So, if it were this day and age, we would be stuck in a matrix.

Via Hairyballzak,Warner Bros. Entertainment

23. But this movie really did have the best animation.

Via SilentWalrus92,Movie-Screencap

24. That is really hard to believe considering how selfish people can be.

Via C137-Morty,Trailer 4K

25. Maybe their feet have an auto cleaning feature.

Via Snoo62808,Movieclips

26. There seems to be genuine concern in this fact.

Via dangerick,Rapid Trailer

27. That is so true. There are vents that can fit humans and then vents that can only hide a mobile phone.

Via kozycat309,jasleen_kaur

28. This is always so mind-boggling. How do owls know the way?

Via [deleted],Movie-screencaps

29. That could’ve been really confusing for Peter Parker.

Via notalebo,Movieclips

30. That seems like a legitimate question.

Via uknown-dude,Movieclip

31. Would be true if disabled people were always screaming, bleeding, and underwater.

Via Ferdi27

32. It’s okay, we were all hallucinating it all with him.

Via billy-the_squid

33. It must ruin the aesthetic for them.

Via savecoolman17,Janipewte

34. Pretty sure, he has bigger problems in his life than Santa’s existence though

Via bloomin__onions

35. Who’s to say she never worked out in all that time?

Via dontovercommit

36. A true illustration of human stupidity!

Via myownpersonalreddit,Movieclips Classic Trailers

37. The hyenas did more damage when they came back.

Via Redstoneprime,DisneyMusicVEVO

38. Cigarettes are for muggles.

Via StreetratMatt

39. True villainy is dictated by what urinal one chooses.

Via shooception

40. Back up your files kids! Or the world as you know it might fall apart.

Via Bygdon,Walt Disney Animation Studios

41. It could be because of the fact that they don’t interfere in the muggles world.

Via shi*poust,Movie-screencaps

42. They should’ve used magic to write essays.

Via foshowdoe

43. All the the three stages of water!

via -Sugarholic

44. That is an interesting fact.

Via DJBlue18

45. Let’s hold a petition to pay the Orcs.

Via RobertThomsonArt,Movie-screencaps

46. Everyone who has seen the movie surely does this still.

Via Khalid147

47. “Uhh, I just came back from the gym.”

Via Panda_Owen

48. They could’ve worked for a wizard McDonald’s or something.

Via SentientToaster0808

49. Is he is a time traveler?

Via [deleted]

50. Are wizards just selfish or was it out of their hands to do so?

Via GeraltForOverwatch

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