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19 Times People Used The Power Of Words To Roast And Leave Burn Marks On The Other

Proper wordplay can absolutely destroy the other party.

We all know, the worth of words. Words are extremely important and play a huge role in our day-to-day life. I mean, I think it is the most important thing there is to exist for human beings to function. Just think about it, say you have very well functioning organs, an amazing voice, but no words to convey what you wish to. See? That’s your daily doctrine of the worth of words.


But with great power, always comes great responsibility. It is totally up to human beings how they implement this power. They could either use it for the greater good or bend the very purpose of the other person’s existence by absolutely roasting their asses with your words. And that is how we smoothly transition towards our main topic.

People often use a pen, or in this case keyboard, as a sword. And when the pen turns into a sword, the content produced is absolutely fiery, and the insults are like someone hit a headshot on your ass. The creativity is absolutely insane. The grill, the roast, the bbq mainly take place when there is a disagreement on the social media platforms. The communication devices then turn into a mic and the user becomes an elite rapper. The rest then becomes history. Today we sat in our research and development van and decided to go out on a long journey to search for destructive wordplay online and we are glad to say this, we have got some absolute fire for you guys.

Here are 19 specialized wordplays that absolutely roasted the other person and eliminated them off of the face of this planet.

Scroll down below to enjoy. Don’t get too close, the heat on this one is really high.

1. Oh my god that battle was so weak!

Game of Thrones got it all wrong. And the poor back cast went through all that struggle for absolutely nothing.

Via u/houndbowl

2. Mr. Kevin made a great proposition to Mr. Ted. It almost pierced through him.


Via u/iBeavy

3. Oh my god, Wendy’s just went all out on Burger King.

Poor Burger King out here working hard to make cash to invest it into creation of new and innovative products. And getting absolutely thrashed by Wendy’s. So unfortunate.


Via u/BlueDragon1813

4. That’s how you are supposed to tell them off and offset it right at the moment.


I don’t really understand why interviewers consider them at the top of the world.

Via u/veoss1

5. An American Dream fully funded by the rich is just a very good joke played by the fake to those who are actually trying to achieve it the right way.


Please tell the whole story. Ugh!

Via u/ahivarn

6. See the problem with this is, content on social media always stays on social media. Always there to be roasted.


One should never ever go at someone without compete information.

Via u/Xmay18

7. Damn that whole description sounded so grand until I read that comment. lol!


Via u/blasphemymc

8. The argument that has never ended and will never end.


Honestly, call it a gender bias but that pothole joke was a really good one.

Via u/ShivamDudes

9. But the spelling of Timothy and David are totally different. Yes, I am being sarcastic.


Poor Timothy got rejected so bad and way too abruptly.

Via u/blodger42

Oh boy! People on our planet have totally forgotten the concept of a filter. I would totally blame social media for this. See, in real life, one would still hold on when it comes to opening fire at someone in terms of roasting via pure wordplay but on social media, this virtual shield between roaster and the roastee, for some reason, enhances the roaster’s abilities to roast. It is what it is. Do you know what I really am curious about? I just want to know or see the reaction of all these people who got thrashed. Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have a very good lesson to learn; choose your words wisely, or not if it is social media. 

Go get a refill on those snacks because we’ve got ample more destruction coming your way, purely through words and nothing else.

10. Ouch, that seems like a 3rd degree burn and must’ve left quite a few marks.


Via u/dispiritedfirework

11. Stop! Stop! She is already dead!

That lowkey takes all the joy out it when you think of it that way.

Via u/MzDankness

12. That does it. Less words backed by lots and lots of true power.


On a real though, this is very disappointing and sad. A patient not being able to get the very thing that keeps them alive. That sucks!

Via u/1XavierStealth

13. Is this for real?!

Advertisement by UDM

That subject line, by the way, is so hilarious.

Via u/Neth110

14. Breaking News: Mr. Nick Cannon got caught red handed by a certain Mr. Brother Beloved stan account.

A lie we have all been aware of.


Via u/moosedownjacket

15. I have recommended that sub reddit to way too many flat Earthers.

And that is exactly where they belong. Oh my god flat earthers take me to the edge. Their dumbness is beyond belief. Okay I will stop!

Via u/LongSearch

16. Now that goes on to show what happens to those who mess with a gamer.


They just patiently wait and strike when the time is right. High voltage current!

Via u/coolband

17. It really do be lime that sometimes for Krystal.

My guy went on to crash Krystal and butchered Taco Bell on its way as well. Lol!

Via y/redbeardvfl

18. No internet memer of today’s time sees things the way they are supposed to be seen. Never. Ever.


Via u/mcLordButt

19. A classic case of tumbling in your own mess and regretting all life choices.

That response went way too deep. 

Via u/Discordchaosgod

Well, well, well. If this isn’t the full, matured form of fun and hilarity, I really don’t know what it is or where to look for it. We hope we achieved this purpose of making you guys laugh hysterically. Now it’s your turn to write. Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


What do you think?