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17 Professional Secrets Shared By People Everyone Must Be Aware Of

Every profession has some secret embedded within it.

Secrets! They are all around us. We all have our secrets, even the profession. All professions have their secrets as well. Secrets are generally categorized into two types. One type of secret is one that is deep and personal to you and you don’t want to share with anyone. For example, you are in love with someone and you don’t want anyone to know yet, a secret of your friend that you have promised you won’t tell anyone, and so on. And then there is another type of secret that, if told to the public, could help everyone. Such secrets could help save money, your time, and the effort you were going to make. For example, a secret about a hotel that exaggerates your checkout bill and they convince you that you made that expenditure. If I know this pre-hand, I would never book in that hotel. So, such type of secret is good to spread to help change other people’s behavior and benefit people.


As I said, every profession has its secrets and some people have shared them on the internet to make all of us aware. There was a Reddit post on the subreddit r/AskReddit. The person asked about secrets related to their professions that the general public has no idea about, and the post got bombarded with a lot of secrets.

We have complied some secrets out of that list for you guys to be aware of. Let’s see what we don’t know that they know. Scroll down below to enjoy!

This is the question posted on r/AskReddit, Let’s what sort of professional secrets there are for us to digest.

Via u/HannibalGoddamnit

1. No matter how high-end of a hotel you book, your hotel room bed has had bed bugs at least once in the bed’s lifetime.



Via XenaJaneway / Reddit

2. If a bag goes missing at an airline, they just hope it will eventually reach where it is supposed to reach because they have no control over its movement.


Via LikeLemun / Reddit

3. So if you get an antique item worth $10,000, and it has gone through 5 hands, it was originally worth only $312.5? Wow!


Via kosmos-ost / Reddit

4. Okay now this is just guilt tripping us all. A very bitter truth.


Via YoshiAndHisRightFoot / Reddit

5. So basically all the daycares prefer profits over actually caring for children. Never sending my children to daycare now.



Via cheeseburgervixen / Reddit

6. I used to always get peach juice from those fresh juice joints. Am I going to die?



Via souffle-pancakes / Reddit

7. So they are ghostwritten and published under a female’s name for better sales. I am speechless.


Via rappingwhiteguys / Reddit

8. This is so true. When I was admitted for my surgery, there were so many IVs added to our bill we had no idea about. And thanks to the pressure, you just pay it all and don’t think about accountability at that time.

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Via sugarcookie007 / Reddit

9. I don’t think I will be going to the cinema again. Marvel movies are an exception.


Via SomewhatAnonamoose / Reddit

This is so damn informative. I mean, I would be very cautious next time I link with one of these professions. So basically so far I have been lied to about no bed bugs in my hotel room bed, I have been exposed to got knows what insects in the cinema, and I have been drinking insects under the name of peach juice all my life. Well, I better be careful now.

I hope this is helping you guys out as well and you aren’t yet as grossed out as I am. Scroll down below to continue!

10. None of that stuff works. But won’t that make all the thieves more confident? This secret shouldn’t have been told.


Via Surprise_Corgi / Reddit

11. I actually cannot stop laughing at this one.

Via harpejjist / Reddit

12. Thank you for this, Mr. Insurance agent.


Via CebuWolfRiceKiba / Reddit

13. This is very true and it always works. No product would sell without an appeal and that appeal comes from Photoshop.

Via tootmyfloot / Reddit

14. As a student, I can confirm this is true.


Via RedPhoenix42 / Reddit

15. Really? I thought they just throw the person on a stretcher and a doctor comes rushing to start vitals till the stretcher reaches the emergency.

Via paramedic11012 / Reddit

16. For the people who visit the sauna frequently, your gunk touches other people and other people’s gunk touches you.


Via ArcticSun* / Reddit

17. And people spend thousands of dollars on a degree to understand that “How” part.

Via ridernation_* / Reddit

I hope this post guides you well for the future.

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