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15 Adorable Pictures Of Determined Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

For a long time, dogs have been used for their services for mankind. Their loyal companionship has what made them a perfect match for these services. There’s absolutely no doubt that dogs are smart, swift, and devoted animals. We humans, not only admire dogs for their qualities but also take assistance from them in various aspects of life.


The training of a service dog starts while it’s only a small puppy. These dainty little puppers are fast learners. Their cuteness adds an extra bit to their first-rate animal personalities. Their silliness and clumsiness brighten up the day at training centers. Even the soberest official can’t stay back from laughing at their silly self and giving the little boy a good pat on the head!

Have you witnessed these pups having their first day of training for becoming a professional? No? No worries! Take your seats and bring up those awws because you’re about to witness the most gorgeous paws on their very first working day!

1. Lt. Canine reporting at K-9 unit, on his first day

Welcome aboard, gentleman! Bring em down with your cuteness

2. Professional training of a guide pup includes naps with the favorite teddy


Maybe the first day was too tiring…

3. Mama’s boy all grown up, on his first day of work


Mama’s boy is teething these days

4. “Pupper.exe has stopped working”


I think it’s too tight, I can’t function

5. Police puppers on duty


Human, Isn’t my convoy too smoll?

6. What next?


7. Safety first!


“This Is The New Puppy At Training Today. We Don’t Think The Bullet Proof Vest Fits… Just Yet”

8. He’s ready to bite all the bad guys who dare to walk his way


Bring it on!

These furry canines serve at various departments such as the military, police, Fire and Rescue dept, searchers, sniffers, and seeing dogs. Their sensitive noses are yet another plus for all the sensitive and security departments. We rely on these pooches a lot and they always prove to be the best of best companions to humans.

Keep scrolling to see how these puppers are all set to be an absolute professional!

9. Driving lessons are an important part of the training


A woof instead of a honk would do…

10. Police pup flexing his upgrade


That’s a flashy bird, Sgt.

11.  Short breaks at work

“Service Puppy-In-Training Needed A Nap In My Gym. We Put Cones Around Her So She Wouldn’t Be Disturbed”

12. The cutest officer in town


We surrender to the cuteness!

13. I am done memorizing today’s route lessons

I’ll love to have you as a guide next time I’m in town

14. It was a tough day


15. With that face on, you don’t even need to chase the burglars, they’ll come to you themselves

Nice trick little boy!

We sure know why the trainers have an amazing day at work. When you have these little fuzzies around who wouldn’t absolutely love their job? Life’s better if you have dogs around, they won’t only assist you in every way, in fact, they’ll love you and care for you with all of their purest hearts.

Have you ever come across a pupper having his first day at duty? If yes, do share the story with us and a photo would be a cherry on top!


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