25 Rebellious Pet Animals Who Love Disobeying Their Owners

Try to always keep an eye on your pets.

Humans have been on this planet for a very very long time. And guess who has accompanied throughout history. Domestic pets, mainly cats and dogs. You can go as far back as you want in history you will always spot cat and dog paw prints. They’ve been involved.


The reason why humans love pets so much is because they are the best source of comfort for any person. Do you know how people take muscle and nerve relaxants to help relieve stress? No one would ever need those expensive drugs if they have a pet animal. It’s the unconditional love and undying affection that they shower upon their owners is that helps eliminate all that stress in a blink of an eye. When a dog licks its owner, it’s doing one of the two things. It’s either trying to calm their owner down if they look stressed and upset. And they also lick their owners to help calm themselves down.

Not only do pet animals possess the magical powers to brighten up our dim days, but they also are extremely responsible. I mean, most of the time. They do have emotions just like us humans which can get them to be very moody at times but it’s only a phase. Pets are very quick to recognize and memorize house routines and they groom themselves to not disrupt the already formed routine.

All of the naughty things that our pets do, cat owners must be aware of this, get completely ignored, and be forgiven when they come in and cuddle you. So sneaky! So yes, pet animals are very mischievous and it is not an easy job looking after one. But with enough patience, that strong bond is eventually established, and then there is no going back.

Today, we are going to explore the naughty factor of our pets. You may have noticed how sometimes they completely ignore our existence and would not obey any commands at all. As if a chip just got temporarily activated and they are now being controlled by the dog gods.

Let’s take a look at some rebellious animals who love taking their owners right to the edge.

Scroll down below to enjoy. And remember one thing, no matter how hard they try to make us mad, we ultimately end up loving them even more.

1. This rebel cat is about to snack on this person’s stationery in the middle of his work.

2. This dog has officially ranked its grandpa as the comfiest pillow in the entire house.


3. This is what happens when you take your eyes off of your baby huskies.


4. Guess what happens when you tell your parrot that he is on a diet? Flip-flop annihilation happens.


5. This dog’s dad had just finished pouring concrete on that platform and the doggo just walk right on it. What a rebel!


6. This is Stevie who likes to straighten the paintings by un-straightening them. What kinda rebellious OCD is that?


7. When you can’t help your habits.


8. Perhaps the parent wanted its owner to taste its meat. Uh… never mind!


9. This dog does this every single time its owner starts reading. I smell jealousy.


10. Caught right in the act. Once again.


11. This kitty is sitting on one of her owner’s crochet projects. And by her looks, I don’t think she gives a single buck about it.

12. Perhaps the bunny didn’t its crimes to be shared with the internet. Little did it know, mobile data exists.


Animals are known for being independent. “Survival of the fittest” is a very well-known phrase and we relate it to animals that live in forests where the future is very uncertain and almost every day you have to fight for your survival. I personally believe that some part of that instinct gets transferred down the generations and into these pet animals. This is why they are naturally so confident in themselves and are also very independent. One cannot ignore cats when we are talking about independence. I think cats out of all the animals are the moodiest. You can never ever predict a kitty cat’s behavior. To simply, your cat could wake up all night looking after you during the days you are sick. And it could also smack you right in the face because you didn’t fill the bowl with food up to the brim.

I absolutely love animals and I wish we could all just care for them and give them the undying love that they deserve. And the whole rebelliousness? Well, it is kinda cute. I as a baby threw a steel glass on my brother’s brother. I think we can balance the ratio there. Or maybe I was just too evil. Anyways, let’s continue.

Scroll down below to enjoy some more rebellious animals.

13. When you’re trying to have some dinner in peace and your hungry kitty decides to rebel against you.

14. This is Finn. Finn has claimed its mommy’s head as its bed.


15. When you show the culprit the evidence of their crimes and they realize that  its all over for them

16. This random bird kept pecking this person’s window creating a disturbance while they were working. There has to be some history because they don’t do it for no reason.


17. When a cat doesn’t get pizza, no one gets pizza.

18. This dog is performing the duty of a scarf in the winter.


19. When skill, unfortunately, takes over diet commitments.

20. A hot dog caught trying to cool itself.


21. I can bet that cat dictates the whole house and those living in it.

22. When you say “no more TV” and the dog takes it very literally.


23. When you give up within the first 10 minutes.

24. That brown thing you see on your screens is a brand new dog bed. And it got captured by the cat within the first 20 minutes.

25. Well that must be comfortable…for the baby goat.

And the journey comes to an end. I swear all the pictures were so cute. I don’t know about the owners, but for me, all of them felt super adorable. Pets are very innocent and deserve the absolute best.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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