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40 Hilarious Disney Memes That You Can Relate With On Another Level

Memes have made our lives a lot better.

Whoever uses social media knows the meme culture very well. There are two kinds of people in this world. Ones who use social media for interaction and the ones who use social media just for memes. Some people literally live for memes. Not only do they love creating memes but they love scrolling through memes. Memes are perfect if someone wants to enjoy a good laugh. Memes are usually made about pop culture, celebrities, politicians and everyday situations that we can relate with.


Where are all the Disney fans? We have seen Disney animations, artworks, recreations and much more. This is the time for Disney memes. What’s better than Disney and memes together? Nothing, right? Today we have compiled 40 relatable Disney movies that you would not only relate with but it would be hard for you to control your laugh. They are hilarious and we are sure they will make your day a lot better than before. So, scroll down and have fun!

1. When he wants to see you without makeup:

2. What “work from home” looks like:


3. This is so us on Monday mornings:


4. Sit down, everyone. I will explain.


5. When you have plans for Sunday but you spend the whole day in bed and then you regret:


6. My face every time I will apply blush:


7. Be like Disney villains: 

8. Ahh, how can someone look this beautiful:


9. Disney gave us so many DIYs:


10. Life is hard on us:


11. Cinderella prefers comfort over fashion:

12. What a relief!


13. I need to do something.

I guess I should sleep.

14. Belle is clearly not interested in bread and rolls.


15. Scar said everything we want to say right now

16. You don’t deserve me.


Loyalty matters.

17. When it is windy outside and you have high expectations:

18. Everything turned into its original state except this show. Why?


19. F**k off and let me sleep.

20. You don’t deserve me at my best.


No matter how old do you get, you can always enjoy memes. They are the perfect laughing material. There is always something for everyone. On rough days, when we are tired, when nothing seems to make sense and life seem boring, memes prove to be a rescue for us. We have grown up watching Disney and literally there is nothing like relating to Disney characters through these memes. It has become our new favorite thing to do. This is not the end. We have more for you, just scroll down.

21. Story of my life:

22. Why would you even ask? You should already know it.


23. Even this guy got a girlfriend but look at me. I am still single.

24. I am so unlucky. Why can not I pet all the dogs that exist in this world?

25. Beast transformed for Belle:

26. When the Wi-Fi is slow, that’s how we try to catch Wi-Fi signals:

27. Belle needed furniture after Beast turned into a human:


28. The crack in his brain can not be repaired:

29. Simba and scar fighting:


Whoever did this is pure genius.

30. When you learn English from an English girl:

31. The number 1 rule for being evil:

32. I only have two looks. There is no in-between.


33. The Noble prize goes to:

34. What a moment when the freshly cooked food is coming:

35. All I want is a palace full of books:


36. When the ATM is taking too long:

37. We all need an answer.

38. Like a queen.

Our life would be so easy if cutting people out of our lives was this easier.

39. Okay, I’ll do it next Monday.

Weekends make us lazy.

40. When you talk dirty about someone in the group chat and forget that they are also a part of that group chat:

We hope you really enjoyed these Disney memes. Did they make you smile? Comment down to mention your favorite ones from our list and don’t forget to mention the ones you can relate with the most. If you want more Disney memes, let us know in the comment section and we will be back with a fresh collection of Disney memes.


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