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45 Wholesome Pics Of Rescue Pets To Keep Your Heart Warm As The Winter Approaches

October’s spooky vibes require some cuteness to balance things off.

Yes, yes we know everyone eagerly waits for a whole long year to enjoy the spooky season and the creepy vibes that it brings in. But there are often days when you just want cute, and happy vibes and we’ve gathered some heart-healing, soul-warming images to sort of balance things out. Not everyone enjoys too much spooky, right? Everyone must be catered to their needs and here we are, at your service.

Now do brace yourselves because today’s content is overloaded with heartthrob animals. And the best part is, this compilation of images is of rescue pets.

It is not an easy life for an animal that gets abandoned or is a stray. In case of being abandoned, they shatter.  And just like us humans, these animals can also lose hope and it gets really hard to revive it. And in the stray’s case, the uncertainty about survival is extremely high. They have no one around them and have no idea where to go in life. And roaming the streets at night, all by themselves, can be very risky. So it is really sad how these cuties get into situations that they never ever deserved to be in.

But the other side of this story, which is rescuing these animals and giving them a happy new life, that’s what keeps the hopes alive.

Let’s look at these wholesome images of rescue pets that are bound to melt your heart.

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1. This derp was adopted 3 days ago and is fully invested in its new favorite toy.

Via KwallieC

2. This is Kiba. A feral kitten with the best color contrast fur one could ask for.


Via grizzlyperthy

3. This tiny cutie was saved by his owner. Turns out he is a professional thief and was very quick to steal his owner’s heart.


Via Koibetta

4. Can you believe this lady is 12 years old? Here’s to the senior doggos!


Via kphld1

5. This senior girl looks extremely happy to finally be at her furever home.


Via LioraB

6. This 11 year old napper is now part of a new family.


Via lean4life

7. This couple adopted this gorgeous 1 year old oriental named Emma. I could dive deep in those big, innocent eyes.


Via dahanger

8. This is Frida. Her owner had no plans to adopt a cat but as soon as he laid his eyes on Frida, the hearts instantly locked.


Frida’s favorite toy is a shallot and her farts smell like cheese. Thought you should know.

Via Biche-tordue

9. Girlfriend and boyfriend adopted this 2-year-old handsome man.


Via Ladadidadadida

10. I want this sweet pea, he looks so adorable.


Via something_erroneous

11. This little one decided to enter a random person’s house. The person took it back to the neighbor’s house where it came from but the doggo returned. The connection was there so the person asked the neighbors and they gave it away for free. A new family was formed that day.

Via lsqueakerzl

12. Meet Sooki, a very beautiful girl.


Via Jeniroo2

13. Those eyes! The dog looks so happy to be where it is.

Via Shmusher3

14. It was found in a car’s engine. Never knew engine parts were this cute.


Via gorg235

15. This kitty is going to turn into a big ass floof as it grows up. Wanna bet?

Via munizfire

16. This is Goober chilling in its new home with Luna and mini Luna.


Via 188zbbrr

17. I would be so scared holding that little one. It looks so delicate.

Via dmccool375

18. Looks like someone has figured out their favorite spot at their new home.


19. Say hello to the newly adopted, absolutely majestic, Goose!

Via selxaras

20. This cat is deaf but can you believe it has multi-colored eyes? A proper heartthrob.


Having multi-colored eyes is actually caused by a genetic mutation called “heterochromia”.

Via ZealousidealGas3774

21. Family adopted a new kitten and their cat is the most obsessed with the new addition into the family.

The little one is hugging it out.

Via erinnbecky

22. This kitty was returned to the shelter quite many times by its previous owners. Their loss. It seems to have bonded perfectly with its new owner.


Via foxcat0_0

It warms my heart to know there are people who care. And that’s what we require right now at the epitome of destruction, this planet needs wholesomeness and love. I am a happy man right now.

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23. 5-year-old Gerald was found as a stray, adopted, and is in the process of being pampered and spoiled as we speak.

Via JMyers666

24. Cat person finally decided to adopt a puppy and called it their best decision ever. Meet Disco!


Via TommyRockbottom

25. Beau is giving me inferiority complex in terms of looks. It’s a perfect cat.

Via BurningStandards

26. Two words: Great choice!


This 9-year-old should be an addition to everyone’s family.

Via BLToaster

27. Ollie has arrived and by the looks of this image, we think he can’t wait for Halloween.


Via ALT236-1

28. If serenity could be represented by an image. This would be it.

Via AntiSnoringDevice

29. Hey, new Mum and Dad. I am really happy that you adopted me.


I am not crying, you are.

Via Sirdares

30. Baby-Daddy selfie time!

Via verdegrrl

31. This one looks so proud of who it is. It’s owner is bound to have a great time.

Via anarchautistic

32. This stray suddenly decided ’nuff is ’nuff and adopted a family at an auto parts shop.


Via Thund3rbolt

33. See when you adopt such a cutie, you are set for life.

Via h0sti1e17

34. Cute hammy Frido adjusting to new space!

Via papa_robot

35. Newly adopted kitty was found kneading and purring into a peaceful sleep, by its new owner.


I think my heart just exploded.

Via Sunni-Bunni

36. Family went to adopt a cat, ending up finding a carbon copy of their first cat, Gamora.

Via Rough_Design_4722

37. This sweetheart rescue bunny got adopted.

Via ShootingMoon11

38. It’s like this cat has previously served as a royalty somewhere.


Via Semyonov

39. This is Princess. A rescue doggo whose ears are cut off. But that, in no way, gets in her way to bond with its new owners.

Via ChocolateMilkmanTrue

40. This adopted pup has one eye and is dressed as a pirate for Halloween. Perfect!

Via Outside_Cod667

41. It looks so relaxed to be where it is.


Via greppings

42. My heart just skipped a beat.

Via greppings

43. Tartuffe after a year of adoption. Looks satisfied with life.

Via herge84

44. Cuteness overloaded.


Via CkWethy

45. This new adoption was very shy and hid under the kitchen stove all day long until new mommy gave her wet cat food and rest is a happy history.

Via ajwest153

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