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30 Birds And Their Glow Ups After Puberty Hit Them Hard

Who wouldn’t want to have a pet that looks cute, is low maintenance, loves its owner and has great cognitive skills too?

A bird has all the above-mentioned properties. Birds are great companions and stay for a long time with their owners as most of them tend to live long. Some of them can live even for more than 100 years. Although birds look super cute and adorable when they are all grown up, they are pretty silly, or rather “ugly”, in their early stages of development. You have to wait for the amazing colors and plumage to come out and blow your mind.


Following are some birds and their gorgeous transformations from babies to all grown-ups that you would not want to miss for sure.

1. Cardinal

This awe-inspiring red bird is the symbol of confidence and balance. You can tell about the popularity of this bird by the fact that it is the state bird of seven US states. These brilliant musicians grow up really fast in just four weeks and gradually develop their red and tawny pigments as they become mature.

2. Peacock

I mean, who doesn’t love this Asian marvel when it spreads its upper tail feathers bearing eye-catching colors? The floating crown-like crest adds to the royalty of the peacock, making it arguably the most beautiful bird in the world. Both male and female birds are called peafowl and a group of peafowl is called a “party.” Interesting, right? Here’s the unmissable glow up you would definitely fall in love with.


3. Tufted Puffin

These muffin-looking tufted puffins belong to the Auk family of seabirds. Growing up, they get a white mask around their face and an orange bill with a strong yellow base that is used to hold many fish at a time. Can you guess how many at a time? Well, it’s 62.


4. Barn Owl

From a snowball to a big handsome boy real quick!


Looking cute and all fluffy is not the only quality that birds possess. They are also very intelligent. According to studies, birds can use tools and they can count from left to right too. They are also blessed with great problem-solving techniques that help them during their travels to long distances. A crow’s reasoning ability is similar to that of a 7-year-old child.

Birds can be trained very easily too. They can mimic, do simple tasks, and are easy to communicate with. They are good companions and stay in flocks even if they are out. They occupy less space and consume quite an inexpensive diet. In sum, they are the best in all possible ways.

5. Grey Crowned Crane

It is usually found in Africa and is also Uganda’s national bird. A grey crowned crane loves two things; to eat, and to dance. Well, so do we!


6. Toco Toucan

Toucans are known for their oddly disproportionate beak. Toco Toucan is the biggest and the most common type. A toucan’s beak can be 8 inches long when it is all grown up.


7. Chicken

A chicken has the superpower of looking cute all the time!


8. Goffin’s Cockatoo

It is also known as Tanimbar Corella. They can be your best snuggle-and-cuddle partner as they are rarely aggressive and very loving.


9. Peregrine Falcon

These are one of the largest and fastest flying birds in the world. Juveniles grow into having dark grey feathers and a distinctive yellow eye covering.


10. Chaffinch

In love with that pink glow!


11. Bleeding-Heart Pidgeon

This bird is usually found in the Philippines’ island “Luzon.” They are notable for their vivid red patch in the centre of white breasts making it a very unusual kind.

12. House Martin

Nicely flaunting their glossy black and grey feathers!


13. Hummingbird

This tiny bird is as interesting as it looks. It is the smallest bird in the world and weighs less than a nickel. A baby hummingbird is not more than the size of a penny. It can also fly backwards and has around 300 species.

14. Pileated Woodpecker

A magnificent transformation indeed!


15. Golden Pheasant

Gold, indeed.

16. Gannet



17. Ostrich

The Ostrich is the world’s largest bird. It runs faster than any other bird at the speed of 70km per hour. It also lays eggs that are the largest in size and hatch in about 30 to 40 days. The hatchlings are protected by parent birds.

18. Tit


19. Swan

They are known as the symbol of love and usually have one partner for a lifetime. GOALS!

20. Raven

Look at those glossy black feathers!


21. Mallard Duck

Simply beautiful!

22. Mississippi Kite


23. Grey-Headed Albatross

This endangered bird lives on islands mostly. Its distinctive features include ashy grey feathers and a big black bill with a yellow lining.

Some birds are also adapted to live in water. The aquatic environment is essential for the survival of these birds as they need it for the completion of certain biological processes such as breeding, getting food etcetera.

Some birds are true water birds as they can live in or on the water. They usually have thick feathers and a fat layer in the body to help them survive in harsh climate conditions by acting as an insulating layer in very low temperatures. Other types of birds spend at least some part of their lives near water bodies to survive. They are semi-aquatic birds and they do not completely rely on living in the water.

24. Bald Eagle

Woah, that look!

25. Night Heron

26. Pigeon 


27. White Tern

Super cute!


28. Gentoo Penguin

Penguins have very little blood supply to their feet and this retains the temperature well in the rest of the body.

29. Flamingo

They are mainly found in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and love hot tropical climates. Do you ever wonder how these dull grey baby flamingos turn all pink and orange when they grow up? Well, it is because they get carotenoid pigment from their diet (planktons, shrimps and algae) which brings this color into their feathers during plumage.


30. Turkey

Baby turkeys stay under the protection of their mothers until they are ready to roost up trees. This “jewelled bird” is laced with 5000 to 6000 feathers. Amazing!

So, what animal do you prefer as a pet? Which transformation was your favorite? Have you ever witnessed a likewise glow-up of a bird? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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