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Wholesome Stories Of Rescued Pets Who Found Their New Furrever Homes

Whether it is a kitten or a cute puppy, their life is not cheap and they deserve a second chance at life.

Regardless of whether you are a cat or a dog lover, sadly you may prefer a particular breed instead of adopting a stray, and this certainly doesn’t make you a compassionate animal lover. To become a compassionate animal lover, whether you love dogs or cats, you must be inclined towards providing a new life to those furry companions who have been neglected because of their mixed breed. Fortunately, there are some kind and generous people who really don’t care about the breed of cats or dogs but are willing to give them a new home. It doesn’t matter whether you have adopted a furry companion through a shelter or found one on the street, our little furballs should have the opportunity to live a good and peaceful life at home where they are loved unconditionally!


Anyway, to inspire you more, we have collected some of the most adorable and wholesome pictures of rescued pets who can be seen enjoying themselves with their new families!

According to the Best Friends Animal Society, an estimated number of about 5.4 million dogs and cats entered the US shelters during 2019, out of which 48% were cats and 52% were dogs. However, the great news is that 79% of these animals got adopted! But if we look at the other side, about 625,000 dogs and cats had to be killed because nobody adopted them. And if we go back to 2014, about 4 million animals had to be killed in American Shelters, and guess what was the national adoption rate? 50% only! So, considering that, it’s a huge jump from 50% to 79% and hopefully, we will keep going stronger!

Let’s proceed towards the adorable and wholesome pictures now, shall we? Start scrolling!

1. Akali Was Returned To The Shelter By Her First Adopter, But Now I Have A Best Friend

via voodlesnoodles

2. We Adopted This Five-Year-Old Shelter Cat Last Week, I Adore Her And She Adores Us. Couldn’t Ask For A Better Girl, Ily Rosie

via chadburryeggs

3. I Adopted An Anteater

via 99percentCat

4. We Adopted Him Two Weeks Ago. This Is Their First Cuddle

via dutzi_thecat

5. Shelter Doggo With A Huge Smile Being Adopted

via Thund3rbolt

One of the cutest puppers to land on our list was Harvey. He happens to be a mix of Mini Aussie and a Rat Terrier! According to his owner mightbedylan, “He’s a great puppy but that boy got some energy to burn off.”

“I don’t know much [about his past] as he was actually just put up for adoption by one of my mom’s neighbors. It was an older couple and they liked him a lot but said he played too rough and that they were running out of bandaids.”

Harvey has been living with the Reddit user for about a month now. Luckily, they’re getting along just fine. “It took my cats a while to get used to him (and for him to figure out that cat tails aren’t toys) but besides that, he seems happy! He spends most of his time chilling out on my patio. At least when he’s not trying to gnaw my arm off,” Harvey’s owner joked. “He’s a really sweet dog. My last doggy passed away back in February and I just got lonely without a doggo around. I live alone and cats tend to make boring roommates.”

6. Meet Van Gogh. Trying To Get Him To Pose For His Adoption Photo

via Da_da_da_daaa

7. Just Adopted This Old Lady And I’m In Love. Sushi, 9 Years Old

via heonyswag

8. Before And After Adoption. Meet Dixie

via JohnnyLaw16

Another adorable pup to pop up on our list was Jester! His owner, Harding44, says, “He is, well, a goofball,”.

“He absolutely loves his big sister, Bella, and follows her around everywhere. He is super energetic and loves to play. He thinks he is a lap dog and always tries to lay his whole 70 pounds on you.”

Harding44 ended up adopting Jester because he reminded them of their old dog. “He was so loving and silly. After just a few days, he was so protective of me. It didn’t take me long to realize he belonged with me.”

“He has been with me for about a month or so now. He settled in nicely and already feels so comfortable with my family and I. We are lucky to have him!”

“My roommates and I originally were fostering him,” Harding44 added. “He was with us for a week before being adopted by someone else. They returned him to the shelter for being ‘too large and hard to control.’ I immediately took him and haven’t looked back since!”

9. This Is Old Lady (Almost 18), Her Family Of 16 Years Gave Her To A Shelter Where She Lived For Almost A Year, Until We Adopted Her A Few Months Ago. Giving Her The Best Life Possible

via Bmansway

10. Yesterday, I Helped This Sweet Girl Get Adopted. Her Parents Sent Me This Photo Of Her In Their New Home

via younoloveme

11. Going To The New Home. Adopted

via mrObry

12. I Adopted My First Ever Cat Last Month. I Was Nervous About It, But I Think She’s Found Her Home. Meet Blueberry

via gray8219

13. Say Hello To Our Retired Military Working Dog We Adopted. He Gets Toys For Life Now; Including The Biggest Tennis Balls He’s Ever Seen

via trentth1

14. A Few Weeks Ago I Adopted A Puppy (Right) And Today A New Dog Appeared In Front Of The Door And He Looks Like He Is The Same Dog From The Future And He Is Trying To Warn Himself About Something

via Clear-Relief-1424

15. This Is My New Friend, Harvey! Took This Just Minutes After Adopting Him!

via mightbedylan

In a previous interview, Kelly DiCicco, director of adoption proposals at the ASPCA Adoption Center said that if you end up saving the life of an animal in need, regardless of their type, breed, or size – not only are you saving the life of a voiceless animal, but you are also freeing up the valuable space in shelters for other animals.

“A huge benefit of adopting animals from a shelter is that shelter staff know the animals well and can provide detailed information about an animal’s history, medical needs, behavior, and temperament. They also consider a potential adopter’s lifestyle, home environment, and the animal’s potential compatibility with children and other animals in the home in order to make matches that are a good fit,” DiCicco said.

16. This Little Girl Decided To Break In Through Our Front Window Every Day For A Week And Adopt Us. It’s Been A Month And No One’s Claimed Her, So We Adopted Her Back

via NyxWaterhouse

17. Two Weeks Ago, I Adopted A Boy With The Saddest Face From A Nearby Shelter. He’s Really Come Out Of His Shell In That Time, And Has Already Grown Attached To Me. Meet Tom Bombadog!

via dickgunslinger

18. I Was Fostering This Goof When A Family Adopted Him. The Family Brought Him Back For Being “Too Large” So I Adopted Him. Welcome Home, Big Guy

via harding44

DiCicco encourages those who are seriously interested in taking home a new pet to keep an open mind and heart when visiting a shelter or rescue as they may walk out with a pet they’d never considered before, like a senior animal or even those of a different breed, size or species. “When it comes to choosing which pet to adopt, prospective adopters should feel comfortable asking plenty of questions and lean on shelter staff for guidance, as every shelter has a unique population of animals and no one knows them like the people who work with them every day,” Kelly said.

“Plus, shelter staff have expertise in making successful matches and can help prospective adopters decide whether an animal is a good personality and lifestyle fit. They also consider each animal’s background and energy level, as well as how the animal might get along with other people and pets in the home.”

19. We Adopted This Cat And Now He Sits Like He Is About To Drop The Worst Dad Jokes Ever

via KuppeRL

20. This Guy Got No Shows For 3 Different Adoption Days. When We Met He Climbed Right Into My Lap And I Fell In Love. Now He’s My First Dog And Lifelong Best Friend. Meet Winston!

via olda1tewz

21. After Fostering 4 Pups Over A Period Of 3 Mths, I’ve Decided To Adopt The 5th One! You’re Coming With Me Wherever I Go From Now On! Welcome To Your Forever Family, Haribo!

via nicholastaii

22. We Adopted A Corgi Two Weeks Ago. One Of Her Ears Just Popped Up Overnight!

via no_modest_bear

23. I’m So Happy I Adopted This Boy

via EeveeGirl411

24. I Adopted Two Special-Needs Kittens Separately. Today They Held Hands

via skeletonclock

25. Baxter Lived To Twice His Life Expectancy (8/16.5). I’m So Proud To Be His Rescue Mom. Love, Boop Snoots And Adopt!

via B00KW0RM214

26. Recently Adopted A Stray Cat, Two Weeks Ago She Wouldn’t Be In The Same Room As A Human. Tonight, She Scratched At My Bedroom Door To Come In. No Touching Though!

via Pokuchefski

27. I Adopted A Silly One

via flexilexie

28. We Just Adopted This Beautiful Senior Lady And I’m So In Love With Her Already

via Gonefeywild

29. 4 Day Old Kitten! Her Mama Disappeared, So I’m Bottle Feeding And Adopting Her

via CharlieTrees916

30. Our Dog Adopted A Puppy

via No_Step_0n_Snek

As we have reached the end of this post, we sincerely hope and pray that these stories and posts inspire you enough that you adopt or rescue a furry partner and give him the forever home that he truly deserves! Or, if you have already adopted or rescued one, we would love to hear about your experience! Don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family! Also, feel free to share your adoption and rescue stories in the comments section below.


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