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19 Shameless Pets That Couldn’t Care Less About Their Humans’ Rules

You will know what I am talking about when you realize how naughty, crazy, and silly these little trouble makers are. They have the potential to turn everything into chaos without even putting too much effort into it. They can turn your world upside down (and your room too) and keep you on your toes at all times, jumping and hopping behind them. They will also exploit all your love by testing your patience and affection, by literally poking where it hurts the most. Just kidding, they do that all in love. Although poking might be because they want treats. But trust me when I say this, you will not be able to find such loyal, loving and affectionate companions in anyone else other than your pets. You share an unspoken emotional bond with them that cannot be replaced or measured. So much so that it is incomparable and inseparable.


Pets find comfort in you and so do you. This is why they are your best buddies, always there for you in times of need. They will also make your life so much happier and filled with countless memories. These little devils will show how unbothered they were even after causing a disaster they wanted to cause intentionally. Their faces will speak no remorse so loudly that you will be taken aback.

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1. This cake is mine now!


2. ‘You can’t blame me unless you saw me do it!’

via RheinMiller / Pikabu

3. ‘Look at me! Sitting in the box you told me not to!’

via  KlausVB / Reddit

4. ‘It was already like this when I saw it’

via itimaliasof / Twitter

5. Chin destroyed!

via DisinclinedOwl / Reddit

6. ‘You can’t say anything until the crime has been committed!’

via PetsArts / Twitter

7. ‘If I can’t see them, they can’t see me too… Right?’

via 3dPrintedLife / Reddit

8. ‘I’m a vegetarian!’

via youknowarddarvis / Reddit

9. ‘Hey there! I’m just hangin around! What about you?’

via nadiashebang / Reddit

10. ‘If my nose can pass, so can my face!’

via metal_crab / Twitter

11. ‘What?’

via dog_rates / Twitter

12. Bin and plate, it is just the same.

via  bbykaat / Twitter

13. ‘Don’t mind me here, just trying to have some pizza!’

via  raijin90 / Reddit

14. ‘I see an empty plate. I sit on it!’

via  Vict123456 / Reddit

15. ‘Whatever I touch belongs to me!’

via uju_rabbit / Reddit

16. ‘Peek-a-boo!’

via  Brick_in_the_dbol / Reddit

17. What I do to get attention!

via 9999monkeys / Reddit

18. ‘Did you say treats?’

via  aussiesdointhgs / Twitter

19. ‘I see an opening. I enter!’

via yungquaalude / Reddit

A little epitome of joy, chipmunks keeping their walnuts warm!

via  Lil_Jening / Reddit

These pictures are absolutely cute and chaotic. They surely depict the energy of a devil, always up to some new prank and tricks to make you go crazy. They have the ability to completely surprise you with their unpredictable antics and crazy ideas. The best part about our pets is that they have absolutely no remorse so they shamelessly look you in the eye and tell you ‘I told you so!’. They are technically in their own weird ways telling you that they own your house like they completely own your hearts, that is why they can do whatever they want without having a care in the world!

They are unequivocally the cutest beings to ever exist. They will intentionally make your room messy to get your attention and annoy you because they love seeing your reactions. They are the little troublemakers who make your life better by meddling in it. I honestly love all their pranks and their cute little tactics. Let us know what you thought and found the cutest among all these in the comment section.


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