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Guy Makes Shipping Company Lose Millions For Denying A Claim For A $600 TV

Good customer service can take you a long way.

If this company had just treated the customer how they deserved. The situation wouldn’t have escalated this far. But when you don’t pay attention this is what you get.


Never dismiss a rightful concern. If you’re confused let me explain. You see when one Reddit user used a shipping company to deliver their TV. They reviewed a damaged one instead. So they did what anyone would do in this situation, to not sign for it.

However, that is when things got a bit murky.

Source: Reddit

Mistakes happen and anything can get damaged in the process of shipment.

However, the company didn’t handle it well.


Claim denied a month later. This goes back and forth for a couple months with multiple emails to this old lady and she did’t care at all. She was also very rude to me via email and phone.


If the company had just paid the claim.


It would have been so much better. But no, they sent a guy to ‘rectify’ the situation who couldn’t even do anything about it. So whys send him the first place?

At the end of the day, it pays to be nice.


People had a lot to say about this revenge story as well. From their own stories to tidbits about the things this company did wrong.

Just send the right person in the first place.


Exactly, just give them the money.


Word can spread if you have good customer service.


If only I had known this before I bought a new Logitech.


That would have been better than losing millions.


And this person even made a list of all the things the company did wrong.


What do you think the company could have done differently? Do you think the Reddit user took it a bit too far? Comment down below and let us know.

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