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Woman Accidentally Texts Her Dog’s Groomer For Brazilian Wax & Hilarity Ensues

Have you ever sent someone the wrong text?

It’s okay to mess up sometimes. We all do. I’ve made countless mistakes while texting. Once, I was in a fight with my boyfriend and I wanted to show his texts to my best friend for her opinion. Now keep in mind, this was in the time of flip phones, so I couldn’t send her screenshots. I ended up writing “Look at what this idiot is saying,” followed by his text and sent it TO MY BOYFRIEND.

Needless to say, it made the fight worse. And I was left embarrassed. I have also sent screenshots to the same person I’ve taken the screenshot of. I am a disaster, honestly. But at least I haven’t texted the wrong person telling them I need to wax my f*nny.

Poor Davinia Anderson meant to make an appointment with her beautician and ended up texting her dog’s groomer instead. The exchange was quite hilarious. Read it down below:

This is Davinia Anderson, proud 44-year-old mommy of two.

via: The Sun UK

And this is Bonny, her adorable German Shepherd.


They are a very happy family.


Here are the hilarious text messages.


She meant to text her friend Becky, who works at a beauty place, and mixed it up with Becky, her dog groomer, saying she needs her arms and f*nny waxed! Ouch!

Glad they could all laugh about it in the end!


Have you ever texted the wrong person? Let us know your experience in the comments below!


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