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17 Shots From Famous Animated Movies That Prove There’s Lot We Don’t About Them

Forget everything you think you know.

I am communicating, right now, to all the animated movie fans. We know how much love we all have for these movies for they have definitely molded our childhood into something better. During breakfast, my mother would one of my favorite animated movies on and it would always be a roller coaster of emotions no matter how many times I rewatch it. Animated movie makers know exactly how much their fans are invested and for that reason, they tend to leave some little details, facts that are more famously known as easter eggs in the movies for the fans to keep rewatching and plucking out those details.

Now if you are a die hard fan you will confidently say you have detected all missing details out of all your favorite animated movies but you are wrong because the surprises we are about to show you guys are bound to make you believe that you know very little about these movies.

I won’t say more, scroll down below to see it for yourself.

1. If you observe very closely in the movie Zootopia, you can spot Elsa and Anna from Frozen in one of the scenes.

2. Pay close attention to that headgear in the movie Hercules, it looks exactly like Scar from the movie Lion King.


I am basically mind blown.

3. Another one from Zootopia, look at that lamp in the background, does it look familiar? It is Aladdin’s lamp, the Genie paid visit to Zootopia.


4. If you are a true die hard fan, you would have noticed this infamous Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast crossover.


These directors are too sneaky.

5. In the movie The Little Mermaid, you can spot Goofy from the movie A Goofy Movie in one of the scenes. No wonder why the movie was so famous, the lucky charm was in it.


6. In Tangled, there is a scene where you can see a character in the back that looks exactly like Pinocchio. It is a little hard to make up but if you look really close, you can spot it.


7. In the movie Aladdin you can see Genie first bumping a crab fish that looked exactly like the crab fish from The Little Mermaid.

These connections off, I would’ve never got them.


8. Guess what that lady is drying up in this scene from the movie Princess and the Frog, it is the famous magic carpet from the movie Aladdin.

The design looks exact same.


Wow! This is so exciting, Like the child in me has awakened after viewing all these surprising. I am fully going to rewatch these movies to spot these surprise appearances by myself. Amazing work whoever spotted these.

Let’s look at some more surprises, scroll down below to continue.

9. It is a little hard to make up but in this scene from Frozen, you can see Princess from Princess and the Frog. Not gonna lie, a bit of a stretch.


10. In Dalmatians, the dog you see in this scene looks exactly like the one in the movie Lady and the Tramp.


11. This one was very obvious, You can clearly see Nemo in this scene from the movie The Monsters, Inc.

12. In this scene from the movie Inside Out, if you focus on the table, you can see Colette’s recipe book. A crossover with Ratatouille.


13. A surprising crossover between Dumbo and The Great Mouse Detective.

14. The Little Mermaid and Cinderella, you can kinda make it up.


15. These two doggos from Oliver & Company, and Dalmatians look very similar. Is it the same doggo?

16. A very tiny easter egg but that right there is Belle in the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame.


17. Did you guys notice this Tangled-Frozen crossover? Because I definitely didn’t

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Oh, and yeah, I won’t be wrong to say we know very little about our favorite animated movies.


What do you think?