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Artist Illustrates Skeletons With Inspirational Sayings That’ll Help You Find Your Way

Little bits of bones pile up to build us. These bits consist of the same constituents but how we all stand tall is different. Some of us are strong enough to withstand the varying stimuli around us, however, others might be a little too sensitive. All this depends on how we perceive things and how much do we let them affect us.


Perceptions and behaviors tend to vary time and time. Optimism and pessimism play an important in shaping up perceptions and thoughts. These perceptions are portrayed through emotions.

Down below we have compiled a collection of some of the most common angles of feelings and emotions a human experiences also the depiction of how he, she perceives it.

1. Be where you want to be

You might have heard home is where the heart is. It makes so much sense since no matter how big or small the house is, it never becomes home until your heart is happy. Find a place to be where you can laugh out loud with your loved ones and you’ll eventually find peace…

2. Unclear thoughts


Unclear thoughts can make you drown in your own sorrow. As you go on being puzzled and confused the frustration keeps on building leading you into the dark world of sadness. As the illustration says ‘clear your mind’ and it’ll surely give you something to hold on to.

3. Explore yourself


Humans are the most complex creatures that exist on the surface of the earth. There are so many different dimensions of the human personality just like the different colors on the butterfly wings above. Don’t limit yourself or lock yourself within a single dimension. Explore all the different sides of YOU!

4. Look forward to your future


You just don’t grow in age as the years pass by, you also grow out to be an individual who creates his/her own identity. Why be scared of something which isn’t even here yet. Live in the moment and the future will be yours too. Have faith…

5. Enjoy the little things


Sometimes the smallest things create the biggest differences. This illustration perfectly describes that there is so much to look forward to. Hereby, cherish every moment that passes by, every little thing that happens, and celebrate the smallest achievements!

6. Is life a bed of roses?


Is life a bed of roses? Well, the answer is pretty simple, It might be a bed of roses that have thorns around. There are good and bad parts of life. You got to struggle in order to co-exist, not everybody let you live

7. Goodbyes are hard


Goodbyes can be hard but if it’s a farewell to something toxic, it sure will be life-changing. Tears fall in course of the process of saying goodbyes bloom out to be the new beginnings.

8. Expectations high to the sky


Live and let live. Expectations won’t let you fly, they’ll pull you back down no matter how high you are.

9. New day, new me


Sometimes you just got to get yourself out there, sorrows concealed through smiles. The only way you can achieve a new YOU, every coming day!

10. Spread love, not hate


Spread love, not hate. Hate is just another way of holding on, let go of it!

This got me emotional, perceptions can change your whole point of view about different aspects of life. Hereby, perceiving things in a positive manner is what makes life easier and happier. Let us know your point of view about this whole journey we just covered, in the comment box below!


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