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Spoiled Daughter Wants $30k For Europe Trip Because Stepbrother Is Going Abroad, Dad Asks His Partner To Pay

This father is determined to offer his beautiful princess a $30,000 Europe trip as a reward for graduating from high school. I’m not sure about you… However, if a $30k Europe vacation is a reasonable price for just getting into college, then these people live in an entirely other universe than the rest of us.

Not only is the trip’s idea absurd in and of itself, but the Dad also wants his partner to cover the cost. This goes absolutely against their previous relationship precedent of not sharing financial information. They’ve never needed to because they’re both well-off. Except now that this spoilt princess has bankrupted her father, he’s looking for alternate sources of income.

This conversation was started on r/antiwork by the Dad’s partner, who wanted to know if she was wrong for refusing her partner’s loan proposition. Commenters have been overwhelmingly supportive of her, but many have also expressed their disapproval of the trip’s basic premise. Let’s hear the story in her own words so that we can present our opinion at this.

1. OP lives with his partner in a large house who has a step daughter and a son 

Font - Posted by u/Ill_Support7160 5 days ago 2 6 28 3 14 SA AITA for refusing to help my partner financially? Not the A-hole I(43F) have been with my partner(50M) for 6 years now. We have been living together for 5 of them. We are not married and we do not plan to marry in the future. I have a son(19M) that is currently a highschool senior. My partner has a daughter(21F) who is going to college.
Font - The background you need to understand the issue: when I met my partner I was a widow of 3 years. I am lucky enough to have a very lucrative business and some family money. Also my late husband left a substantial estate, including the house we live in. The house is a family home so it passed to my son as the only heir. My partner also makes good money and the difference in our lifestyles was pretty much negligible. But while I and my late husband made sure to not spoil our son (he was resp

3. The step daughter despite coming to the house at weekends only demanded a big bedroom for her, OP did not know how much the partner was spending on her as they had individual finances apart from common bills

Font - Due to an incident when we first moved in together (she demanded my son's bedroom since it was the second biggest, got rejected since it was his home and she only spends the weekend), and after some family therapy we agreed that she will be treated like a guest by me. She will have to follow the house rules and that it the extent of our relationship. Now while she is spoiled she is a good girl, academically excellent, except for the aforementioned incident very respectful and just a pleas

4. When the step daughter heard that the son is going to a tour abroad, she demanded a whole $30K from his father for a trip to Europe. Partner asked OP to lend money but she refused

Font - Now my son is planning to do a tour of east Asia during the summer and I was happy to give him the money to do so (as a gift for getting into a very prestigious college). When my stepdaughter heard about it she asked her dad to pay for a tour of Europe since he didn't send her on one after she got into college. He agreed because he never says no, but he came to me asking me to lend him close to $30k because he can't afford the trip on his own. I am not even giving that much to my son and
Now OP is asking is she is the a-hole for refusing his partner to lend such a big amount of money for her spoiled daughter

5. This pretty much sums up how this trip to Europe is costing 10 times more than a usual trip

Font - SuperDoctorAstrona Partassipant [1] · 5 days ago NTA. WTF. My first European vacation was when I was 31 years old and cost a total of roughly $2500 including airfare. Jesus Christ. 35.0k Reply Share •..

6. Ding ding ding

Font - Ill_Support7160 OP · 5 days ago 5 32 That's because you did not stay in 5 star hotels and plan to shop untill you drop. 4 29.3k Reply Share ... Decent_Ad6389 · 5 days ago Asshole Aficionado [15] Ding ding ding winner winner chicken dinner 12.2k Reply Share ...

7. Well, his son is really doing well

Font - whatsmynameagain55 · 5 days ago Partassipant [3] NTA. Congratulations to your son for doing well and getting into a great school! Traveling is such a great experience for the soul! However, your partner is super out of touch. Good luck. 12.3k Reply Share Ill_Support7160 OP · 5 days ago Thank you. I am very proud of him. 5.4k Reply Share

8. Well, if we move towards calculations, that’s a huge amount of money she’s asking for

Font - TurtleTheMoon · 5 days ago Asshole Aficionado [14] NTA. $30k for a vacation?!!?? That's a year's rent at $2500/month. That's insane. If he's not talking to you, then count your blessings. 9.0k 3 Reply Share GingerBanger85 · 5 days ago 30k is just the portion he is asking her to contribute. 3.9k Reply Share

9. A very nice summary and again, we can’t understand what the partner is expecting

Rectangle - E 2 4 4S 3 BlueR edited 4 days ago & 3 More ose NTA. 5 days · ago To clear this up- Your son wants to go on a trip and you offered to pay as a gift for his hard work. A+ parenting and also being a cool parent. Because of this, your partners daughter felt entitled to a trip. Which happens to cost twice as much for some reason (i don't really know if its double but whatever) However, your partner cannot afford the trip. So instead of being an adult and telling his daughter. Giving her

10. The relationship of the father and the daughter is really toxic as its doing nothing but making the daughter more spoiled

Font - Does saying no once, seriously mean his daughter will love him less? He sees no issue with having a transactional relationship with his child? Was this not the wake up call he needs to see how toxic the relationship he has with his daughter is? Please, let me know if I missed anything. Because I don't know how your partner could be an even bigger ass but I'm sure he'll suprise us and you at this rate. Edit: These are my first rewards so I want to say thank you SO much to those who bestowe

11. That’s an interesting point

Font - Ill_Support7160 OP · 5 days ago The only thing you got wrong is that he doesn't think his daughter will love him less, it's that he thinks she will feel discriminated against and will be sad. 4.3k Reply Share •..

12. Hard NTA clearly

Product - days Superman530gó days ago Partassipant [4] In your split financial setup, you aren't 'playing favorites'. You are giving your son a gift. He can give his daughter a similar gift if he chooses, but it'd be on him to pay for it. This makes my head hurt. Obviously things would be different if you had shared finances, but you don't. Hard NTA. 3.0k Reply Share •.. Calm_Initial · 5 days ago Asshole Aficionado [18] This exactly. He's expecting you to pay for his daughter while Not paying fo

13. Well this commenter made it very simple but I guess, it’s not as simple as it seems, what do you guys think?

Font - Mamertine · 5 days ago Asshole Aficionado [10] Info generally, You pay for your son and he pays for his daughter? I'm inclined to NTA. You haven't combined your finances. It's your money, you get to do what you want. 1.1k Reply Share •.. Ill_Support7160 OP · 5 days ago Yes that is the general setup. There are some things (like paying for the whole family while eating out, picking stuff at the store...) Thay we pay for the other's kid. But I don't think that qualifies as paying for the oth

14. Asking help from the ex-wife seems to be a reasonable solution to this stupid problem

Font - missusscamper · 5 days ago Asshole Enthusiast [6] NTA What in the world?? How/why would a trip around Europe cost that much for a college- aged person?? EurRail pass and stay in hostels!! Also your boyfriend should ask his ex-wife about helping to fund this extravagant trip that he clearly can't afford before asking you. Or he should just say no and get a spine. 871 Reply Share •.. Ill_Support7160 OP · 5 days ago Because that is not the kind of trip we are talking about, we are talking ab

As mentioned by the commenters, the OP is clearly not the a-hole. Such extravagant trip for the spoiled daughter is not for OP to be a thing to worry. The partner should also use some brains. Share us your thoughts what do you think of this one. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Keep visiting us if you want to see more interesting content.


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