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Starving Stray Dog Gets Rescued And Taken To Pet Friendly Lunch Dates Everyday

If you are in love with your puppy, take him/her out on cute lunch dates.

Our loyal dogs who love us, protect us and make us happy deserve everything good in this world. So, why not take them out on cute lunch or dinner dates? Isn’t it a great idea? Well, we love this idea. A lady named Ivy Diep once found a starving dog, she took him and fed him. He was in terrible condition. Dirty, messy and very skinny. Have you ever fallen madly in love with a stray that you decide on adopting him/her? Well, something similar happened here. Ivy fell in love with him but she had no plans to adopt this doggo since she already had dogs. No one was ready to accept him so she had to adopt him.


She named him Popeye and since he is too cute, one of Ivy’s friends suggested her to create his Instagram and now the boy has a strong Instagram game. She started taking him out for cute Instagram dates which we found wholesome. What a genius lady to come up with such a great idea. Popeye goes so well with the food so she began taking his pictures and uploaded them on Instagram. In no time, Popeye got famous all over social media. Now, this cute pupper has around 405k followers on Instagram which makes him the foodie dog. If you have been following us for quite a good time, you know our obsession with cute doggos is real. So, here we have compiled some of the irresistible photos of our favorite doggo, Popeye. We are sure you are gonna fall in love so think one more time before you scroll down. Are you ready? If yes, scroll down!

Source: Instagram

1. Look at how cute this baby is.


2. That face is screaming “I don’t want to have it”.


3. Doggo’s day out.


4. What a perfect coffee date looks like.


5. Please include this pupper in the deal.


6. He is excited about food.


7. Ice cream is melting because of his overloaded cuteness.

8. When you want to gift your doggo a cone ice cream that looks like him.


9. Awww! Where are his eyes?

10. Damn! I am ready for the food.


11. When you love doughnuts a little too much.

12. Looks like he is not happy with today’s lunch.


13. Sushi looks delicious but Popeye looks more delicious.

14. When a decent man dines out.


15. I was hungry, hooman. Thanks for the treat.

16. Popeye is overwhelmed to see the coffee.


Looks like Popeye is famous everywhere because they made him customized coffee which is so cute. My goodness! Popeye is literally the cutest dog that we have ever witnessed. Sorry to our doggo at home but we couldn’t control our feelings here. We are glad that he is in safe hands, he is with someone who loved him the way he truly deserved. Popeye is a living example that love and affection could change anyone. Popeye was once a starving stray dog and Ivy brought him back to life and now people are dying to get a selfie with him. If we ever spotted him somewhere, we are not gonna leave him without taking a selfie with him and of course, his food.

17. When mama tells you strictly to act decently when we’ll go out.

18. Can’t decide which one is melting my heart.


19. When the food is mouth-watering.

20. Popeye is out for a lunch date to celebrate his 100k on Instagram.


21. The only handsome guy we know of.

22. Too yummy to wait.


23. Mama, can I lick those?

24. Boy looks cute in caps.


25. This picture is filled with sweetness.

26. Popeye and his breakfast.


27. When you are obsessed with pizzas!

28. Aww! Look at his ears.


29. When mommy surprises you with your favorite meal.

30. Popeye has a sweet tooth.


31. Nothing makes us happy than good food.

32. Mama, how am I gonna eat all of this?


33. If perfection had a face:

34. Burgers always excite him the most.


If you live in Los Angeles and you are looking for good places to dine in, the problem has been solved. Just go and check out Popeye’s Instagram who loves dining at the best places in town. We are sure his Instagram account has a lot for you. We must appreciate his owner who puts in so much effort to dress up this doggo and bring him to cute dinner/lunch dates. What a lucky doggo to get treats literally every day. We wish to find someone who would love us as much as Ivy loves Popeye and takes us to cute dinner dates.

35. Ready to finish this all alone.

36. Can we get a bite, Popeye?


37. Love how happy and fresh he looks whenever he sees food.

38. When you order the wrong dish:


39. He likes cheese to be extra.

40. Sophisticated boy!


41. Popeye, are you not happy with the tacos?

42. That’s how I look at the hair salon.

43. Baby, open your mouth.

44. No, I’m not gonna share it with you.

45. Told you, we love pizzas.

46. All of this Indian food and little Popeye.

47. When you can’t wait for the food but mama has to snap it.

48. Yum, prawns today.

49. Popeye looks too hungry today!

50. Cheesy fries are our favorite and we can’t resist.

51. Popeye be thinking “the food looks so good”.

52. Food is the only that can make him happy.

Popeye is too cute to be real, he can make anyone think that he is a stuffed toy. But, No. He is a real doggo living his best life. Popeye is too cute to be real, he can make anyone think that he is a soft toy. But, No. He is a real doggo living his best life. What are your thoughts on taking a doggo out on cute Instagram dates? Would you ever try this out with your pet? Well, you should give it a try, we guarantee you are gonna love it! Show your love for Popeye in the comment section down below!


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