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40 Best Tweets From This Year That Are Considered Comedy Gold

Who doesn’t like a joke every now and then?

Our routines have become very robotic. Most of us have 9 to 5 jobs and barely enough time to relax or spend some quality time alone. It has become a pattern. Wake up, go to work, come home, sleep, and the loop goes on. This has killed the inner child in us that wants to have fun and enjoy life. We were not born to work like machines until we retire or have loaned over our heads for most of our lives.
Human beings need to balance their lives to stay sane. That means you have to allocate the right amount of time to work, family, friends, and yourself. When we live with a robotic routine, we crave some good entertainment or comedy. That is where the Internet comes to our rescue. People love posting witty remarks on Twitter and we live for it! It is almost like the highlight of the day when you finally get into bed and scroll through your phone to have a good laugh.
We gathered some witty and funny tweets for you to enjoy in your alone time. Scroll down below and enjoy the tweets:


1. A fun experience.


2. Sound’s like a Pokemon hunt.



3. defintly.



4. Luigi is the real hero.



5. Roadrage IRL.



6. Relax buddy.



7. The proper way to resign work.



8. You did a good thing.



9. It’s the Sims.



10. Sure.



11. Maybe they just disappear.


12. One country for all the frat boys.



13. It never gets old.

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14. Perfect.



15. The real way to use them.


How can people be so clever and come up with all of these? In my 25 years of life, I have barely ever remembered more than 5 jokes. But there are people out there who can come up with clever remarks at the spot. I wish I was one of them. Laughing at memes actually does help relax a person. It distracts them from thinking about stressful things and focuses on enjoying the moments. We still have a lot more tweets left for you. Scroll down below to have a good laugh:

16. Never works IRL.



17. A real dad duty.


18. We all wanted to do this, right?



19. Mountains of hurdles followed by even more hurdles.


20. Your cat would beat you up.



21. Stages of a musician.


22. Let’s pray for his uplift now.



23. A bad boy.


24. Demon exits the chat.


25. A cute shark.


26. I hope so.



27. Because equality.



28. Oddly specific.


29. Perfect re-phrasing.



30. Keep that mac and cheese coming.


31. Every conspiracy theorist.


32. The greatest words ever spoken.



33. That could work unless you’re working at the nuclear power plant.


34. Still relatable.


35. Now I don’t want it written on my grave.



36. We all have been here.


37. It surely is.


38. I thought I was the only one who thought of that.



39. Hey that not a bad sight.


40. Sooner or later.



Did any of these make you laugh? Would you like to share your favourite funny tweets with us? Share them with us in the comments below!


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