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20 Pet Owners Shared Hilariously Cute Stories About Their Dogs And Cats

People living with pets experience a lot of new things in their day-to-day life. Their day starts and ends with their pets and they have an immense amount of stories to share with others. Whether you have a cat or a dog, one thing is for sure that you love and care for your pet not just like it’s a pet but more like it’s the youngest member of the house. With time your pet becomes your little child. It acts like one and on top of all this, we speak with our pets in a tone we use to speak with our children.


Our pets go through different emotions all day making us feel them too. We are on a crazy rollercoaster ride when we are with our pets. In our everyday routine, we are filled with little moments of joy and love. Although sometimes it’s anger and dismay, but no matter what we have so much to tell others about our pets. We came across an exciting twitter thread on twitter where people shared their best pet stories that were not only heart-warming but also hilarious. Here are 21 naughty pet stories that will brighten up your day. Scroll down and check them out.

#1 Look what Coco made you do human.

Credits:  AbriltheDuchess

#2 Hutch is a good boy. He deserves a lot of good boy pats.


Credits: ohhmcfly

#3 This little guy is a professional thief.


Credits: ImMeliSanchez

Dogs are crazy, they do silly stuff and we have no explanation for their acts. Sometimes, these acts can be extremely embarrassing for us but dogs will be dogs and there is nothing much we can do about it. Just like in the case of the above-mentioned dog, we can’t lock this dog up in a cell for stealing things. He’s a bad boy yes, but he’s still just a dog. We can shame him and make fun of him but he’s still just a little pupper. We would definitely find ourselves cuddling our little four-legged silly baby after some bad dog shamming.

#4 Junior knows, oral health is important.


Credits: M_I_R_E_Y_A_

#5 “We’re all in this together, hooman.”


Credits: xbudax_

#6 Bubble butt.


Credits: ReniRossi

#7 Anything for this precious goofball.


Credits: MulenaFernanda

#8 That look on his face clearly says guilty.


Credits:  Aylen_Galas

#9 He’s a little baby! Such a sweetheart.


Credits: DaiianaVeraa

#10 He’s going to be an expert makeup artist someday.


credits: flordovidenko

#11 Maybe he’s been planning this all along.

Credits: TSwall_ale

#12 Made a mess? Clean up and leave no evidence.


Credits:  madyburnnn

#13 He talks back in his defense.

Credits: EugeeMoraalees

#14 This little pupper is obsessed with ice.


Credits: CallejerosFlor

#15 How adorable are they! The cat seems to be busy plotting murders.

Credits: JesicaCardozo94

#16 She did what she planned to. Guess dogs live in their own little world. Hope she’s alright.


Credits:  BraunKarenn

#17 This is a tiny fart machine.

Credits:  rubiusopaipa

#18 “Hooman, the notes were delicious! Do we have more?”


Credits: Annita_Calvo

#19 Bianca possesses an endless pit of hunger.

Credits:  Ccammii1

#20 Mila knows where the meat is and she knows exactly what to do with it.


Credits: CarlaSalceedo

#21 It’s a red cheeto in action.

Credits:  l_silvaac

Adorable puppies just doing their thing. Hope they filled your heart with as much joy as they are radiating. Let us know your silly pet stories in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with others.


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