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17 Stories From Dog Owners To Brighten Up Your Day

There’s a thing about energies. It attracts more energy. If you surround yourself with the ones who exhibit negative energies, you will find it hard to be happy. When you’re around the ones with positive energy, all you’ll ever be is positive and happy inside and out. Dogs are just like that. They are charming creatures. They have such a happy personality that makes all those around them want to love them even more. With their silly actions and loving behavior, they keep our hearts happy.


There are millions of dog owners with billions of joyous stories to tell about their dogs. We found 17 stories that moved us. These photos are enchanting and will instantly brighten up your day. Take a look below.

#1 She is working from home today.

She was working untill someone said no.

# 2 Life is hard with kids.


She bought this baby carrier for her dog, but now the dog is pissed at her.

# 3 This kid is a saviour.


This dog guards the bathroom while the owner showers. Isn’t he the cutest?

# 4 Little sleepy head.


A couple adopted this adorable little puppy who fell asleep on their first day out.

# 5 This one enjoys his last camping trip.


This is what the owner shared: “My best friend’s first and most likely last camping trip. He’s still alive! Just too old to go adventuring.”

# 6 Meet Rosie the much loved puppy.


This adorable puppy Rosie has completely taken over her owner, who loves to say goodnight to this delightful face every night. The owner also shared that Rosie is fond of her bone and treats it like her child.

# 7 This guy chills in the pool on a hot summer day.


This cutie and his human are having a great sunday in Florida.

Did you know, dogs can have a favorite person and it can be someone other than their caregiver? Yes, a person has a dog and loves him. Cares for him, feeds him and does all the work but still not be the dog’s first favorite one in the room. Dogs have a loving heart. It seems silly to say that they don’t love their primary caregivers as much as someone else, but it’s true. Who a dog bonds more with, gets decided in their socializing period. It’s the phase where a dog gets to know its surroundings and interacts with people and objects around it.

The person who gives them more attention and time in that phase becomes the dog’s favorite. They play with them and give them lots of attention. This phase starts from a dog’s birth until the time they are six months old. The more places they explore and the more people they meet, the more they adjust themself to the things around. Otherwise, they get scared of every new thing they see as they grow up.

# 8 This one carries emergency food with him.


This is what the owner says about his four-legged buddy.

“Our dog carries a piece of dog food with him around the house. Sometimes, he licks it while sleeping.”

# 9 This is Brutus at your service.


Brutus is a good boy and he likes to help. A maintenance tech shares his cute story:

““As a maintenance tech at an apartment complex, I don’t enter an apartment that has a dog if no one is home…except for Brutus. Brutus just wants to help.”

# 10 Proud mama.


The puppies look like Burritos.

# 11 This one is possessing people with its charm.

The owner shares this picture with a cute caption: “It was at this moment I realized I was powerless against this dog…”

#12 He is so dramatic.


“My dog intentionally fake coughs to get more attention. If this isn’t intelligent behavior, I don’t know what is.”

# 13 Chewbacca is that you?

This one’s dressed for the cosplay.

# 14 Serving as a pillow for his little friend.


“My dog intentionally fake coughs to get more attention. If this isn’t intelligent behavior, I don’t know what is.”

# 15 Jewel and daddy having their morning coffee.

“Jewel and I drink coffee together every morning, she has her private glass there and drinks milk foam. She will be 16 soon.”

# 16 Hello from the other side.


The owner shares this picture with the caption: “I wasn’t sure where she was, so I called her name and was greeted by this.”

# 17 This one is winning already.

“My puppy has nailed the ’walking past a coworker you don’t really know’ smile already.”

Did you like these pictures? Let us know in the comments below. Also, share your dog’s silly stories with us. We love hear from you!


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