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Dog Owner Asks If They Are Wrong For Returning The Dog To Original Owner After Six Months


Spending time with a dog is like discovering pure love wrapped in fur. Their irresistible charm draws you in, making them the ultimate cuddle companions. Yet, behind those wagging tails lies a responsibility that demands more than just affection. Dogs, like all pets, need care and attention which includes regular vet check-ups, training sessions, walks, and grooming. Sadly, not every dog lover can provide this level of commitment, leading to heart-wrenching decisions to let them go.


One such tale unfolded on Reddit, where a user, u/AjOmni, found himself unexpectedly thrust into the role of a dog owner when a friend struggled with training. As bonds formed and love blossomed, the friend suddenly wanted the dog back, sparking a moral dilemma.

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Source: u/AjOmni

1. Let’s find out!

2. One time OP received a dog from her friend because she was having a hard time training it.


3. The friend didn’t have adequate financing to take care of the dog either. Knowing she would get rid of it, OP decided to take the German Shepherd in.


4. The results after Mari the dog spent six months with OP? She got fully trained and basically turned into a very well-behaved dog.


5. At a gathering at OP’s house the former owner, who was also there, demanded the dog back seeing how well-trained she was.


6. OP did not like this. She took Mari assuming she would become her dog. There was a very clear no-return policy in her mind when she took the German Shepherd in.


7. OP shared it wasn’t right to become a dog owner as you pleased. Not something you can do whenever you want.


8. OP denied this by saying if she wanted a trained dog, she should have put in the effort herself.


9. The previous owner also spread fake rumors among their friends that she had paid OP $200 to look after Mari. That is why most of them were against OP’s stance.


10. The dog’s entry in OP’s life was perfect and she now loves her so much to leave her.


11. OP asked the AITA community if not returning the dog back to her friend made her an AH or not.


NTA. Like I don’t even think this qualifies for the AITA to judge. That is because the friend voluntarily gave OP her dog. You can’t go on and reverse your decisions when you feel like it. This is terrible behavior from the friend’s side. Training Mari required effort and the friend wasn’t willing to put in that. OP made the effort and got herself a well-behaved, perfect dog.

OP should remain firm and keep the dog.

Here’s what the AITA community had to say about this:

12. Keep all documentation ready if she tries to steal the dog from you.


Via Alibutts1983

13. Sorry but that is not how it works.

Via CP81818

14. You can’t give a dog to someone and then want it back. It is a one-time thing.


Vua defnotwhouthink

15. She will try to get the dog by exploiting the law. Make sure all loopholes are covered.

Via ExternalRip6651

16. She gave no specifications. She gave OP the dog and that was that.


Via Cute-as-buttons

17. Everyone knows the story hasn’t ended. OP needs to add a layer of protection to this scenario.

Via EmeraldaRS

18. After reading through the comments and all the advice OP received, she shared an update.


19. In her update, OP made it clear that she had all the paperwork in her name. She legally owned Mari.

20. She has also spoken to the police and has affirmed that in no way will her friend be able to take Mari back.



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