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15 Stories Of People Who Said They Didn’t Love Cats Until They Met The Right One

Some people are crazy over cats and then there are people who just don’t like cats. And we wonder why that is! Cats are way too adorable and cute not to be loved. With their tiny paws and a cute lil button nose, their little meows, and the cute list goes on. But these people just can’t get on board with how wonderful cats actually are.


However, our furry friends are not the ones to back off either. They know how to win over people’s hearts. These charming munchkins would just rub themselves on you or keep sitting on your lap until you finally give in and start petting them. What’s so wonderful about this is the transition of a person who can’t stand the sight of a cat to a person who takes care of every need of the cat. Truly an amazing sight, isn’t it? It’s enough to warm our hearts.

Here are some cute AF pictures of people who first disliked cats and then fell in love with them. Take a look at these precious images!

1. We’re one and the same

Look at this outstanding husband trying to make this cat comfortable and at home!

2. The bestest adoption ever!


3. Best Friends Forever.


Look at how wonderfully that worked out.

4. Just a matter of a few years.

5. How could she ever resist this beauty?


6. Sometimes just giving in and taking a chance is enough to make your life better.


7. They are the chosen ones!


8. Peek-a-boo


Sleep tight lil one.

9. When your cat is just TOO DARN cute to handle.

Happy tear

10. Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to.


11. AWW! This cat just looks at him with so much love.

12. They can probably sense the babies, right?

This shy cat couldn’t stop touching my wife’s pregnant belly. She’s not a cat person but this totally changed her. from aww

13. Well, priorities can change.


Get on board with it.

14. This is the most cutest video ever. EVER!!!

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

15. The comfiest and warmest person in the house.


We are over the moon to see how these people came around to loving cats just as much as we did. If you know anybody who doesn’t like cats, just show them this article. Or better yet! Get a cat so they can fall in love with them.

Let us know how these made you feel in the comments section down below.


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