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Dog Names Progressively Turned Into Strange Yet Hilarious Nicknames Shared By Their Humans

Dog owners love turning their dogs’ names into weird and hilarious nicknames.

Where are all the dog lovers? This post is especially for all dog lovers. What do you call your dog? Probably a cute human-like name. Right? We love giving cute names to our doggos and then spoiling their names. Each day is a new day and with each day, we tend to give them a new name. You might have heard Lolita changing to Lolo, Lee, Lulu and Lala etc. Is not it funny to hear these names? Well, it’s funnier to create these names. Today, we have a list of dog names that have transformed into super weird and hilarious nicknames. Scroll down to browse through the list.

1. From Fred to Froodleberry Svempertonstein.

Via Crossingtherubicon12

2. From Jimmy to Fruitbat to Muskrat.


Via jimmington2008

3. Kongming to Kongmingy.


Via Quaran_lean_Bae

4. Tina and Alan have cute nicknames.


Via whateverthefuckidc

5. Piglet, sheep, cow, donkey, pony.


Via joan1995

6. Sprout the Destroyer and Eva Mistress of Evil.


Via Freelance_Gawper

7. Nefertiti, the fat potato princess.


Via Scarlaymama0721

8. Augustus, gus, gussy, gussy butt… It’s been a ride.


Via PlagiarizedSyllabus

From Sprout the Destroyer to Eva Mistress of Evil. Augustus to Splooter Booty, these nicknames are original than ever and have us laughing. We wonder how Nafertiti got the name of fat potato princess. Maybe the doggo is too fat. These nicknames are stranger than ever but making us laugh really hard. Scroll down for more hilarious nicknames.

9. From Lucifer to bubba.


Via Lostyourfuckinminds

10. Gibson to Goobersmooch.


Via MollysYes

11. Bubi to bucha chucha.

Via aya0aya

12. Sadie Jane to Marquise de Sade.


Via SuburbanSicknesses

13. Misty, Meemee, grumplekins, shimsty, schmoo…

Via macy_misty

14. Lola, Dolores, Chiquita.


Via MillennialAnalyst

15. Roo, Raw Raw Roo Roo. Bok Choy, Choy dog.

Via JBird1392

16. Leah turned to Lee-Lee Weenie.


Via kendrasucks

We must confess these nicknames are hilarious and you have to be a doggo owner to come up with such a cute nickname. Are you a dog owner? Do you like giving strange nicknames to your doggo? Comment down to let us know which of the above-mentioned nicknames were your favorite?


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