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18 Awwdorable Photos Of Cats For A Purrfect Start Of The Week

Do you know that our furry felines can make our mornings better?

Hello to all the cat owners! It is the first day of the week and we are sure you are feeling the Monday blues but do not worry. We have everything right to fight the Monday blues and start your week with full energy. Today, we have compiled 18 photos of awwdorable cats that are purrfect for a good start of the week. Cats have everything to make our mood better. They would make us smile, play with us and be our best friends. They are purrfect in all manners. These cats are full of cuteness, they will fill your Monday morning with sweetness. We have all the fluffy, sweet, cute and fat cats. So, what are you waiting for? So, scroll down and make our Monday morning a sweet one!


1. Meet Ralf, who has turned 21 today:

Via u/Lurtupp

Her plans for her birthday are my goals.

2.  “[OC] I made a new one out of the hair it shed. Ohhh”


Via u/tomRocky123

We are sure it took a lot of effort and time. Well, that’s the purrfect way to tell your cat how much you love her.

3. When you are finding your cat in the whole house:


Via u/Feralica

4. Look at this little guy sleeping:


Via u/priffet

What an adorable position to sleep!

5. Meet Otis, a 20lb ragdoll.


Via u/stayintall

Wow, Otis looks majestic. She is full of fur. She deserves a good belly rubbing.

6. “Look who decided to pay a visit while I was sitting on a bench [OC]”


Via u/alexdulavo

She wanted to give you company.

7. Blessing your eyes with a happy female Cheetah?


Via u/Ok_Board_4331

Have you ever seen a female cheetah before?

8. Look at these adorable twins posing in the wild:


Via u/flyingcatwithhorns

9. Stop taking photos and rub her belly, right now!


Via u/alaju

You do not love your cat enough if you do not rub his/her belly when he/she sleeps like this. The best thing about cats is that they are so fluffy that one can not stop themselves without rubbing their fingers through their fluff.

10. “(OC) “Best 30 dollars I’ve ever spent” -my gf”


Via u/Disamble

This bunk bed for cats looks pretty cool but we are sure after some time, they would ignore the whole bed and sleep in a cardboard box.

11. Why does it look like the cat took the photo?

Via u/JinxXedOmens

12. Someone just celebrated her 20th birthday:


Via u/4FoxSayke

“[OC] Miss Scruffy just celebrated her 20th go around the sun! Happy Birthday, Old Gal!”

13. “[OC] Actually had a few ppl tell me not to get a cat bc my daughter would be mean to it, and it’d end up hating us.”

Via u/shyy0730

All those people were telling you a lie. Look at your daughter’s bond with the cat.

14. “I messaged Arlo’s previous owners to see if they had any baby pictures of him and this one melted my heart”


Via u/bulgariandoll

Aww, how sweet that the previous owners kept his photos. Arlo was such a gem when he was a lil kitten!

15. Whenever daddy has to work:

Via u/Accell__

By the way, what a beautiful cat!

16. “[OC] Made a tank for my cat”


Via u/MxDuo

Whoever will try to disturb my peace, will get attacked.

17. “(OC) My cat and her toy pickle”

Via u/Greed0w0

Aww, your cat is so fat!

18. “Bought myself a poof and this is what I walked into the very first day.”


Via u/Heinrich428

Cats love comfy things. Well, now you can share your poof with your furry feline. Comment down below to let us know which of these cats did you like the most and do not forget to upvote.


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