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50 Tech Support Employees Shared Their Worst Cases

Talk about stupid people.

We should always remember that an individual is not perfect, no one is perfect in this world. we are made to do our own respective, specific tasks in this world. No one can do everything, right? So, I request you all to leave the repairing work to the professionals, do not stick your nose where it does not belong and mind your own business. Stupidity is not just a lack of intelligence in one’s brain but also that when you try to do something that you clearly have no clue about. Being over-smart can lead a person to make a fool out of himself. It is not fun. So make your lives and the worker’s lives easier by just simply handing your broken machine to the ones who actually know how to repair and that is what their job is for, you know?


Give your machines to technicians, do not become one yourself at home. You are only going to mess it up more. We have gathered some pictures taken by tech support stuck or found in a very strange and complicated situation when people decided to mess up their already ruined machines. Keep scrolling…

1. “Upgraded” PC

2. “Nahh I Dont Need A Tutorial Or A Heating Gun”


3. “The Forbidden Capri Sun”


4 days ago

4. “Got To Keep The Press Brake Working”


5. “Servers down”


6. “So My Laptop Died”


7. “Facebook Marketplace “Problem With Cooling, I Cut It Open”


8. “The Router And Cables In My School’s Server Room”


9. “New One For Me. Iron Shavings Stopped Speaker From Working”


10. “Look At What This Spectrum Guy Did To My Poor Grandma…”



11. “The Aftermath Of The Capitol Siege”

12. “What Kind Of Soap Were They Using? Returned After Less Than A Year Of Use”


13. “So When My Old Build Threw In The Towel Some Time Back, It Looked Like It Was Sending Me Ransom Notes. Still Not Sure What Caused It. Mobo? Cpu?”

14. “How long is that in human time?”


15. “I Was Not Prepared For The Discovery Of This Redneck Projector Mount”


16. “Cox Literally Put A Generator Up This Telephone Pole ??? Apparently To Restore Internet To My Friends Block Somehow ??? They Come By Like Every 12 Hours To Refill It With Gas ??? Pray For Dhemecourt Be This Is F**king Sketchy”


17. Time to get a new keyboard.

18. So many CPUs.


19. School’s wifi network.

20. Oh, do not fall. Please.



21. What was the reason?

22. “Mom, Can We Get Business-Grade Ethernet Switch? – No, We Have Business-Grade Ethernet Switch At Home. – Business-Grade Ethernet Switch At Home:”


23. The surprise found by technicians after working on an internet outage in Mexico.

24. “Another Day In Paradise”


25. “Wife Spilled Coffee On Laptop…”

In 2012, the TechSupportGore subreddit was started, and now it has more than 485k members who love to “cringe to the brink of passing out after a few minutes looking at this subreddit.” These posts are showing everything. Every stupid case experienced by tech support. From the makeshift electronics to cases where people tried fixing their completely burned or bent laptops. They really thought it would be a simple thing and that is, my friends, both painfully entertaining and hilarious to see.

“I feel like the community has grown different tastes for the subreddit over time, for sure. For a while, cable gore was boring, cracked screens, etc. Now? Bad wiring is loved.” The moderator Coffeechipmunk said.

“Tech Support Gore” refers to “stuff in the tech support or IT field that’s a computer comparable version of gore,” The moderated explained and added, “Instead of a heart ripped out, it’s CPU pins. Slightly less awful.”

The worst tech support gore cases were told by Coffeechipmunk to the reporter that, “anything with bugs in it. That’s the worst.” Also said that “the guy who got a laptop full of milk. Yeesh.”

Here is what the moderator thinks about the absurdly humorous touch to its submissions, “it’s played up for laughs a bit, to be honest.” He adds “There’s definitely posts where it’s like, ‘Yikes! That’s bad.’ But I can’t imagine anyone passing out from seeing bad cabling, ya know?”

26. Always need some fibre in your diet.


27. “When They Get Creative With The Only Working Audio Output They Have”


28. “Customer Describes A “Slight” Burning Smell”

29. “Dont Use Lemonade To Clean Your Mouse. I Thought The Acidity Would Clean Off The Buildup Of Crumbs And Cheeto Grease But It Just Attracted These Ants. I Left Home For 2 Days, Just To See This On My Desk”


30. “Go Check The Switch Closet. We Think Something Might Have Gotten Unplugged Somewhere”

31. “A Dove Made A Nest In The Projector In My Classroom”

32. Improvised way to supply power.


33. Sever is down!

34. “Trouble Ticket Read “After Office Renovation Internet Doesn’t Work””

35. “While We’re Posting Pierced Fiber Lines”


36. It’s actually fully functional.

37. “So..this Came In Today..and It’s Glorious”

38. “I Don’t Work In Tech. My Hospital Has Some Occasional Network Issues…i’ve Finally Seen Behind The Curtain”


39. “Shared On Facebook. Why Is My Mouse Not Working?”

40. This must be the work of a madman

41. “Saw This In The Basement Of A Mini-Mall”


42. “This “Watercooled” PC I Found For Sale Online”

43. “Coworker Had An Important Thumb Drive Fail On Her (Solder Pads Tore Off)… Just A Little Bit Of Janky Soldering And I Was Able To Recover The Files Just Fine”


44. “To Ensure Maximum Keyboard Stability, He Decided 57 Screws Was The Magic Number For The X360”


45. Crispy.

46. “The Way The “Electrician” Repaired His Own Mistake At My Home Without Notifying Me (Optical Fiber Entry Link). “They Shouldn’t Notice””

47. “Playstation 2 Slim “Doesnt Turn On” Also Seller Had No Idea What Happened To It”


48. “.. No I Have Never Dropped My Phone In Water Or Anything.”

49. “Found This On A User’s Desk”

50. “Student Spilled Nail Polish On Computer. Mother Tried To Clean It And Washed Off 26 Keys”

Oh, God. What did I just saw? These images were absolutely disastrous and utterly stupid. Whoever managed to spill coffee on their laptop and then decided to ‘try rice’…I am just speechless. And the person who cleaned his mouse with lemonade, I just want to ask you a few questions. What was the reason? What were you exactly thinking? I am so curious to know what logical thought you came up with which resulted in you deciding that cleaning anything with lemonade is okay? Do not get me started on the guy who cut the plastic cover of the packing of his mouse along with its wire. Like it was a clear box? How do you guys manage to do such stupid stuff. The ones who try to become technicians on their own are a whole another debate. Which picture was the most cringe-worthy? Let us know in the comments down below…


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