Woman Tattles Teen For Using Dad’s Credit Card, Gets A Dose Of The Internet

People need to start minding their own business.

Have you all seen the Karen meme? It’s about a middle-aged white mom who needs to talk to the manager and has to be nosy or else she might self destruct.

This woman at a Bloomingdale’s checkout line couldn’t mind her own business. She overheard a girl saying she would use her dad’s card for payment and decided to announce it to the world.

Rightfully, she got called out on Reddit, and you need to see the whole story.

Scroll down below to read the rest:

So she asks if she was the a**hole.

The girl leaves in tears.

Yes, you’re definitely the A-hole.

This isn’t your job, Karen.

She seems jealous of the girl.

Her card, her business.

Buy your stuff and go home.

Nosy people!

Her spouse doesn’t agree with her either.

What do you think? Who is in the wrong here? Let us know in the comments below.



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