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People Share Their Text Exchange With Insanely Shameless And Entitled People

No matter what, you might have at least one bizarre text conversation with your friend, family, or even stranger that’s worth screenshotting and archiving to have a good laugh in the future. Well, all of us have them, and the internet provides a venue where we can post these hilarious conversations to make people smile.

Let’s have a look at some of the most absurd texts ever sent, and you should certainly take a moment to laugh at each one.

1. A random stranger texted with an interesting question.

Haha!! Is that a rude reaction in your opinion? If so, feel free to share your ideas in the comments box below.

2. Okay, someone is willing to crash a Thanksgiving. Interesting!!


3. It’s ridiculous how people can be picky about free food as well.


4. The audacity.


Man oh man!! How crazy some strangers can be! Obviously, no one would trade a riding mower for a $19,000 car. Literally, it felt like the riding mower was composed of gold or some other valuable metal. Hilarious!!

5. Someone needs a homeless woman to do the fridge cleaning? But Why?


On the internet, we’ve come across a lot of job listings. However, this is one of the funniest advertisements you’ll ever see. To help them move out and clean the fridge, a person was looking for a Homeless Woman to assist them. We were baffled as to why just homeless women were needed. Like, are they good at assisting people in moving out? Or maybe they’re a professional refrigerator cleaner.

6. Does your kids need an adoptive home?


7. When you bunk your English classes in high school.


This is the latest in a long line of bizarre memes. We can all relate to this because we have been receiving texts that are filled with spelling and grammar errors. How funny this sofa ad is! Someone is seeking a lounge for their sofa in the literal sense of the word. That’s why you need to make sure that your job ad has the right material and content.

8. Every hairdresser in the world should take note of this.


This should be displayed on the doors of every hair salon in the world. It’s a fact that getting a haircut will cost you a significant amount of money. Why pay so much just for getting a trim, or detangling hair. Isn’t that ridiculous?

Which of these images had you in uncontrollable laughter? Also, have you ever received a humorous text message from a complete stranger? If so, please do tell us about it.


What do you think?