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10+ Times Things Escalated Quickly To A Really Awkward Stage

Everybody needs some spice in their life.

Otherwise what fun is life, am I right?

Sometimes jumping from zero to a hundred is a good thing. Like in class, or on a plane. But what about when things in everyday life suddenly strike to 100? Say, you lose your pen. Do you know what it could lead to? DEATH! Don’t believe me? You will find out soon enough.

To get the spices into a humorous life, unexpected things play a very interesting role. With the internet common in today’s age, we see a lot of stuff on it that is out of the box. To consider the mentality of each person in this world, which is near to impossible, it surprises me to such an extent that there is nothing common in that. From the tweets to the posts on Reddit and Facebook/Instagram, each one has its own charm to make you smile or even laugh. The escalation in the posts has everything for you to enlighten your mood when the actual people around you are giving you negative vibes. There are a few I have gathered to show you what I really mean! So start reading without further ado.

1. So shrooms it is!

Via u/kamikaze_az22

2. The most efficiently unprofessional doctor in the history of medicine.

Via u/datoome

3. Oh my God, please don’t.

Via u/EduG3

4. Some important questions to think about on the road.

Via u/AfroBotElliott

5. I like how they said “maybe”, not trying to sound overly proud.

Via u/BionicleBois

6. Now that escalated pretty fast.

Via u/Insert–Name

7. The circle of life, in a hospital, on a hospital bed.

Via u/_fax5

8. They asked about your biggest turn-off, not your worst fear.

Via u/kafernated

9. Why would someone throw a piano at the person they liked?

Via u/Thedepressionoftrees

Not to bother you between all this non-fictional chaos but now you know what I meant when I said it’s next to impossible to figure out some minds. Don’t try too hard. In fact, don’t try at all. Because there’s a lot more where this came from. Keep scrolling.

10. He’s the dumbest person alive. Yet.

Via u/BarovianNights

11. Wait, what just happened?

Via u/Wiildman8

12. He looks pretty happy for someone in his situation.

Via u/EASports

13. Why are they trying to advertise is the question of the day.

Via u/AlexCM2020

14. All this for nothing.

Via u/Fitz5989

15. A man in a bird mask? In the woods? I think the parents smacked you on your head along with the spanking. That too a little too hard.

Via u/butterfly_heartbeat

16. Trap them in a jar with nowhere for the air to pass. Put them in a dark place with no food and blood. Then all you do is wait.

Via u/Ironninja1116

17. I don’t think this guy is going to get rich any time soon based on what I just read.

Via u/jkom731

18. Some life lessons for you all. Follow strictly if you want to live a longer life.

Via u/Elias_Swanberg

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