This Is Pumuckl, The Smallest Horse In The World

How did nature pack so much cuteness in such a small package?

Don’t understand what I mean by this? Well, you will in a second because today we are going to present you with the world’s smallest horse. Yes, you read that right. To put it in context, Pumuckl the pony is smaller than most dog breeds. And Pumuckl is absolutely perfect when it comes to being gorgeous and cute, as well as a social worker. His social services to the members of the people around him are linked to him being a therapist pony. He pays visits to senior citizens to make them feel calm and happy. All he has to do is hop into his mother’s van and he gets transported to the spot where citizens require therapy.

Are you guys ready to see Pumuckl? Because now I cannot wait anymore to present him to you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Pumuckl, soon to hold a Guinness World Record for being the smallest horse in the world.

Isn’t he the cutest?


Pumuckl is a Shetland pony. To give you an accurate understanding of how small he is, only 20 inches tall (50.1 centimeters and 1.66 feet). That is way too small and cute. You know how it works, the tinnier they are, the cuter they look. Pumuckl being the tinniest horse in the world means he is also the cutest one in the world.

Pumuckl’s family thought he would grow, in size, with time but he didn’t and they aren’t mad at all. In fact, they love the uniqueness of their pony.



Who wouldn’t want the tinniest pony on the planet, right? Pumuckl has to wait a bit in order to be considered for an official record attempt to have his name written in the Guinness Book of World Records. I mean, the little guy is only 3.

I am so sure that when the right time comes, Pumuckl is still going to be the tinniest out of them all and secure the world record. We are all rooting for you, cute baby!

Thanks to his small, Pumuckl is allowed to stay inside the house and he can also eat his breakfast meal in the kitchen.



Carola Weidemann is Pumuckl’s mother. She along with her family live on a large farm located in Breckerfeld, Germany. They live there with some horses, 2 dogs, and some mini, cute, Shetland ponies.

Because Carola already had some Shetland ponies at the farm that were about 27 inches tall on average, when she bought Pumuckl she expected him to grow to the same height as well but he didn’t. The unique pony only grew tall up to 20 inches and then got done with the whole growing process.

Fun fact, mini Shetlands weigh about 120 kilograms on average and Pumuckl, who is also a mini Shetland only weighs 35 kilograms. This allows him to enjoy quite a few privileges that other Shetlands can’t, like being allowed inside the house and having his breakfast meals in the kitchen.

Pumuckl is also a therapist pony who loves paying visits to nursing homes and meeting senior citizens.



Pumuckl gets super excited when the time comes to visit the nursing homes. He gets into his mother’s van and the two drive away enjoying and happy.

The current world record holder is a pony from Poland who is 56.7 cm tall, our Pumuckl is only 50 cm. That means when Pumuckl makes his official attempt, he is guaranteed to win the Guinness World Record.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this cute story about a cute little horse. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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