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19 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Cats

Tumblr is a magical place. It always has been. It had its prime time almost a decade ago when everyone was posting stuff just like they do today on Instagram and Facebook. People were helping each other out in becoming a tumblr savvy until it was banned for having too much NSFW content. Tumbler lost popularity among people after the ban was lifted but some sincere users are still bearing the torch and keeping the site alive. Now, when we talk about some of those loyal tumblr users, cat lovers instantly come to mind. Tumblr has always been a hub for hilarious cat pictures and stories. So, it would be unfair to say that cat lovers haven’t played their part in keeping the site alive. Cat lovers continue to share hilarious and cute cat photos on tumblr even today.


From liquefying themselves and sitting inside small suffocating places to acting like a person, cats do all kinds of crazy stuff and keep us entertained. No matter how many times they mess up and get in trouble because of their cat-logical doings, we still love them the same. We always will. Here are 19 rib-tickling tumblr posts about cats that are simply too funny to be missed.

Buckle up! You’re about to take a journey through the cat world of tumblr. Scroll down to begin.

#1 Cat rule No.1 “Liquefying”

Credits: mom-chan-archive

#2 Oh dear lord! What’s going on in here?


Credits: not-petunias-again

#3 Cats do care. They’re not all self-centered.


Credits: catpda

Would you look at those eyes? It’s like looking at a million galaxies. So priceless. Cats have emotions and they feel love. In fact, they can become an epitome of love and affection. When they feel like they are taken care of they try their best to return that same amount of love and care. Just like the cat in the above story. The cat knew what made the owner smile and she did that to cheer up her hooman. They have so much more to offer than just paws that may scratch you. You just have to understand the signs.

#4 “Hooman feed me quick. I’m getting weak!”


Credits:  catsuggest

#5 Oh my my! That can’t be.


Credits: quinndolyns

#6 She’s a true cat person. How adorable.


Credits:  mckitterick

#7 The cat’s true reaction to the photo revealed.


Credits:  setheverman

#8 “Oh hello, you’re late again. The meeting started an hour ago.”


Credits: setheverman

#9 A great way to use your pet cat indeed. Make it a cat alarm.


Credits:  87potatoes

#10 So accurate!


Credits:  trifoyle

#11 The only way to survive with a cat is by surrendering to its will. There is no other way around.

Credits:  lmaonade

#12 The void is always hungry.


Credits: cheinsaw

#13 Chonky feline celebrating gay pride.

Credits:  nodaybuttodaytodefygravity

#14 Seems like someone summoned the devil.


Credits:  setheverman

#15 Cat names can be alarmingly funny.

Credits: ihatecispeople

#16 They are living their life at the fullest. Wish we were this motivated about life too.


Credits:  anime-mangos

#17 That’s one clever idea but would definitely be worth it.

Credits: rough–edges

#18 This is some very important information. Cat owners to be better take notes.


Credits:  jughead-is-canonically-aroace

#19 Moms know things we don’t.

Credits: threefeline

Hilarious right!? Let us know which one did you find the most hilarious in the comments below. Smile and share this with others to put a smile on their face too.


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