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Lighten Up Your Day With These Hilarious Tweets From People Who Have A Brilliant Sense Of Humor

When it comes to the internet today, there are a plethora of things to be critical of. And, in the midst of depressing stories on Reddit, rumors on Facebook, and an excessive number of weight loss tea advertisements on Instagram, it’s easy to become disillusioned with social media in general. Although social media is filled with negativity, there are people out there who have an impeccable sense of humor and who will brighten your day despite the negativity that surrounds them. Social media provides a platform for us to connect through the sharing of common experiences—as well as a shared sense of humor—and it allows us to do so anonymously. People are brought together by a shared sense of humor. “Laughter is the closest distance between two people,” Victor Borge once said. The ability to chuckle or laugh at someone else’s jokes provides a distraction from our stressful circumstances, allowing us to actually reduce our stress while maintaining a positive attitude.

Posting amusing tweets has become a popular trend, and it appears that everyone is doing just that these days. People enjoy reading these types of tweets, whether they are about their hilarious life experiences or something that we can all relate to. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for the best of the best—you know, the ones that make you laugh so hard you can’t take another breath—you’ve come to the right place. After you finish reading these tweets, you will find it difficult to catch your breath from all of the laughter! Here are some of the most amusing tweets you’ll ever see on the Internet, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

1. The washing machine is the most common cause of these divorces!

via  alicewetterlund

2. Definitely the most relatable tweet out there!

via AdamantxYves

3. When you put a ‘draw four’ on top of a ‘draw four’… Best feeling EVER!

via tony_ferraro7

4. Petition to bring MySpace back?!

via yungskuntebony

5. Hope it was a Minnie explosion!

via Disneyland2go

6. On a scale of 1 to 10…

via alexdrag_

7. A lot of lamps are way better than one big light.

via xyzachh

8. Literally the best business idea!

via nathanharenice

9. The zombies are gonna be confused because this person would be running towards them!

via seupo

10. It is a shame that you can only like once!

via: rare_cryptid

11. “Na-uh never mind. I’ll just stay home!”

via PaulPaul2021

12. “Let the potato rest”!!!

via MattTheBrand

13. That theory is going to give people nightmares!

via dorsalstream

14. Normal? What is that?!

via whatsJo

15. Let’s normalize adults screaming in public!

via pxpimus

16. If only we could take back time!

via shutupmaeve

17. The IT person is still going to try restarting it…

via gourmetspud

18. A question that all the teachers should be asked!

via LemonMombley

It is possible to derive health benefits from laughing in a variety of ways, including by silently giggling at a joke or laughing aloud during a stand-up comedy show. Many studies have demonstrated that laughter is an effective treatment for mental illness and the most effective stress reliever currently available. This is why we gather all of these hilarious tweets for you to enjoy and help you to reduce stress, whether the stress is caused by your job or your studies, or something else entirely. Let us know if you have any more amusing tweets to share, and feel free to share your favorite tweets in the comments section below!


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