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10+ Twitter Stories That Sound Made Up But Are Completely True

Sometimes you just gotta take someone’s story on blind faith.

Because that is what we will be doing today. Your friends or family might have told you some stories that you were amazed to hear they even happened. But the world is a weird place and everyone’s got a story to share.

In the following tweets, we’ve got different people from all walks of life, from people who’ve never seen frozen to patients having ghost friends. You might think they are lying, but really, who even has the imagination to make up stuff like that?

So scroll on below and take a look at some of the best tweets with the weirdest stories.

It all started when this Twitter user decided to ask the all-important question.

#1 If you had the chance to join the Krispy Kreme family, why didn’t you?

#2 Nothing surprises me about the President anymore.

#3 You never know where life will take you.

#4 That baby tooth sure didn’t like staying with you.

#5 This has happened to many of us actually, or at least me.

#6 Letting the lion out!? What the heck?

#7 That’s not really hard to believe, just a painful story.

#8 Maybe she didn’t have the money to buy one for herself?

#9 I’m more confused about how you can spell Dylan three ways and all of them be right.

#10 That sounds like the premise of 16 candles. Did she find mysterious candles?

#11 Definitely a decision that you will remember for the rest of your life.

#12 How can an AA meeting and a retirement party look even remotely similar?

#13 Damn, that sounds like fun.

#14 I think I felt a shiver down my spine.

#15 That is actually amazing, Kudos to you!

Have any interesting stories about your life that you wanna share with us? Well, don’t forget to comment below and let us know.


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