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15 People Worked Super Heard To Understand What The Purpose Of Some Things Are, Finally Got To Sleep

If you think you know everything, you are wrong.

How many times have you guys been in a situation when you come across a very unusual object, something that you have never seen before, and part of your brain wants to just let it go, ignore it, and move on, but the other part of your brain wants to know the exact purpose of that thing. And that is when you decide to put all of your brains into the research and often end up spending hours upon hours not being able to decipher what that object or item really des. Now such a situation can actually get on the nerves of nerves, and they would go to any limits to know what that object is and what it does even if it means sacrificing precious sleep for it.

Today we will be looking at some cases like the one I just mentioned above. A case of some random people of the world coming across very strange objects and them doing everything in their power o understand the purpose of it and how it works. And if you have ever been in such a position, you would understand all their emotions very accurately.

Scroll down below to enjoy and know, that you are about to laugh at someone’s misery. Just wanted you guys to be aware of that fact.

1. A student found this sheet of 100 boxes in their math teacher’s office. Every box has a unique pattern comprising of different colors and randomly sized slits.

For all those who are wondering, this is a chart of prime factorization. Remember that “divides upon itself and a number”, yeah that thing.

Via MacerSpaceflight / Reddit

2. Person found this long, wooden item while cleaning their attic. It looked handmade from the feel of it. It’s about 20 centimeters long and they have no clue what this is.


This is actually something called a double spoon. This symbolized respect and hospitality in classic African culture. The two faces of the spoon represent two universes, very different from one another.

Via daeris_cos / Reddit

3. Someone found this blue, made of plastic, item in their house. Now, whatever this is, it looks very inappropriate to me and I lowkey don’t even want to know what purpose it serves.

A reddit user said:

“I have this exact thing. It’s the antennae from this snail thing, it completely disassembles and is so annoying we threw it away

Blue Box Speedy Shell

Edit: haha merry Xmas you beautiful people, what a random surprise this blew up! Thanks for the awards! The piece was instantly recognizable to me, no one had ID’d it yet, and I thought “this moment is the culmination of my life, I must act”. THIS TOY SUCKS, DO NOT BUY! It’s not worth the $30, let alone the $6 my wife paid for it at Marshall’s, and it was still overpriced. The whole snail falls apart into its individual parts, the antennae come out, the body comes off, the shell/drum rolls off, the drum hatch falls off, the balls scatter everywhere; it’s a race to pick up the pieces before you step on them. Also the antennae look like balls, in case you didn’t notice.”

Via IAmDaBreadman / Reddit

4. Person spotting what looked like a very small concrete bench that was facing the other way from the road. And it was soo small that not even a kid would fit in it. No idea what it is.


This is an old concrete step for people to enter or get out of horse carriages. That is so cool.

Via gourdhorder / Reddit

5. This beautiful wooden object was found in a park. It had beautiful rings carved onto it with a gorgeous design on all of them.


What appears as a very ancient product, is actually a molinilo. Or in simple words, a hot chocolate whisk.

Via Rigel04 / Reddit

6. Person found a gold sphere that had two sides that would separate upon up and a handle on top to lift the whole thing up.


Believe it or not, this is a biscuit box, or to formally say it a Victorian clamshell box. 

Via dawaka17 / Reddit

7. This person spotted this gate full of locks that blocked the road going god knows where.


This is kinda creepy. This is a shared access gate that anyone can open who has a key for any of the locks on the gate.

Via FactorialANOVA / Reddit

8. This was bought as a souvenir in Africa. The seller said it had something to do with ancient sailing. I feel like it’s a compass of some sort


This cool ancient object is an astrolabe. Sailors, in the old times, would use this to find out the locations of celestial bodies around the world.

Via Quizatrix / Reddit

Yo, these people are actually so lucky to come across these unique objects. They will be cherished as memories and I hope they all managed to find out what the objects do and mean. Have you guys ever come across such a thing?

Let’s look at some more odd-looking objects and see what purpose do they serve. Scroll down below to continue!

9. This person found a chair that had weird and extremely long armrests.


That long arm rests that you see are actually legs. The back is slightly reclined so anyone who would sit on it would lay back and comfortably lay out their legs on the rest. I still have no idea why this product exists.

Via Chwk*** / Reddit

10. Person got hands on this strange item that had no labels on it or anything, but if you maneuver it properly, it would open up taking the shape of a bracelet. Very unique.


Tough to get a vision but this is the top part of a handbag.

Via s1l4z_behr / Reddit

11. This person found a very unique kettle and asked the internet if they know why it has a very odd-looking shape, unlike the normal kettles that we have.

What this person thought was an odd-looking kettle is actually a urinal for men patients who cannot go to the washroom by themselves.

Via home_cheese / Reddit

12. They moved into a new apartment and found this random object just sitting there in his living.


This is a heater. This antique item would certainly go for a lot. They should put it on sale.

Via vasjuk / Reddit

13. This item was found along with old mechanical tools by a person. The item would lock in a certain position and then the middle part would turn to reveal two pieces of fabric.

You use this item to carry books. I have no idea why but that’s the purpose it serves.

Via shantayyoustayyy / Reddit

14. This university student found this block by the side block with random numbers inscribed on it.


The numbers, whether added horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, will always add up to the number 34.

Via hads***s / Reddit

15. This person found this random tool-like object sitting in their garage. The object has a wooden handle and a copper tube with notches on both sides.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, a hair curler. I am very intrigued as to how this works.

Via Bigovereasy / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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