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Unflattering Photos Of Our Feline Friends That Prove Cats Are Hilarious

Cats aren’t always the most elegant pets you can have, even though they try to convince you otherwise.

And to back this claim, and help you in your defence against your kitty, we’ve gathered a lot of unflattering photos of our feline friends. Someone started an Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge on Twitter, calling cat owners to share unflattering pictures of their cats being as unphotogenic as they come. The challenge was a hit, and here we have curated some of the funniest ones for you guys.


We know our viewers are going to jump at the sight of these photos and show their love for our catto friends. These pictures will prove to you that cats are indeed not perfect, so you could stand up against them and rightfully reclaim the ownership of your house. Ingrid Johnson, who’s an expert in feline behavior, and founder of Fundamentally Feline, says that you have the best chance of capturing a great photo of your cat if you do it in their natural environment.

She says: “Taking cats out of their home for a photoshoot is often where things go awry. Use natural light and play with them to encourage them to look confident and alert.” Ingrid also recommends distracting the cats with toys to get to your desired position. “You can shake treats, click, and make some sort of sound to get them to look at the camera. As far as keeping them calm, again, it’s about working with what they are naturally giving you rather than trying to force something.” Let’s start scrolling to have a look at these hilarious photos!

1. She looks better, I swear

via NefftheNakedCat

2. What’s inside this?

via Angelique Sophia Lawrence Bilello-Bolger

3. I’ve looked better

via Fiona Kerr

4. Just some early morning yoga

via Sabrina Louise

5. Wait till I hit the gym

via Rebecca Lin Florek

6. HELP!

via Brianna Lee Duncan

7. Error in assembly

via Beth Paule

8. Need food, can’t function

via Tara Bird

9. Stretching 101

via Jennifer Turpin

10. Don’t need a pet dentist

via CatZamboni

11. Is something the matter, human?

via Matthew Boyd

12. Pass the milk, please.

via Tracy Quigley

13. Just my cat yawning

via Bex McCabe

14. Paw here?

via Jennifer Campbell

15. Need some milk please

via Maddie Winch

Karen Weiler, a pet photographer from Toronto, Canada, claims that lighting is “everything in photography.”

So, set yourself up for success by moving a favorite blanket, bed, piece of furniture into a place that has great light. If they enjoy indulging in catnip, you can spread some there too. It is simple, really: if your kitty enjoys hanging out there, you’ll have more opportunities to photograph them.

“They will be relaxed and happy, and you will have great light—a winning combination!” Karen recommends following these simple rules for taking great photos of our cattos. She also said that felines react more to movement than sound, so it’s a good idea to get their favorite toy and hold their attention with it.

16. Can’t meow

via Ashley Chupp

17. My cat can turn into cyclops

via Kenia Venus

18. Just surprised

via Stephanie Hushman-Willard

19. Ready for that dinner date

via Niłeśh Vądher

20. Share?

via Alisa Mahmoud

21. Middle of a nice nap

via Brennan Stephenson

22. Haunted kitty

via Ukiie Craw

23. Thug cat

via 420_ginny

24. Welp!

via Uttara Sunita Vinay

25. Grumpy face

via gloveslap_

26. I want my toy, NOW!

via Tiffany Galloway

27. Monday face

via Samantha Wright

28. I just have questions now

via Morgan Hoffman

29. That wasn’t a lemon biscuit, was it?

via Lesley_NOPE

30. My cat likes to sleep

via Nnedi

We hope you liked our curated list of unflattering photos of our favorite pets. It gave us a lot of joy to share these unflattering, yet cute, pictures with our readers. This will be enough evidence to convince even the staunchest believers of cat-ology that cats are indeed, at times, unflattering and cannot always stay elegant. Like everyone else, they also have their weak moments, and we’re glad their owners were there to capture them during that time. And you too could start curating unflattering photos to win back some power against your feline lord, by following the advice of our experts and taking some Twitter-worthy photos of your cattos that show them at their weakest.

As our experts put, lighting is everything for a good photo, and since our feline friends are not always the easiest pets to give directions to, it’s better if we distract them with movement, in which case their favorite mouse toy will come in handy. So grab their favorite toy, go to their natural environment, hide if you have to, but set forth on the quest for the perfect unflattering photo of your cat pal.


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