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30 Of Most Unflattering Pics Of Dogs That Prove Dogs Are Dorkiest

Dogs are known to be the cutest, brightest and most perfect pets! Ask dog owners if they would exchange anything for their dog, their answers would be “No!!! Never!!” because they know nothing can make them happier compared to their dogs! Dogs are photogenic, well we can say that most of them are. Most of the times, their pictures come out to be the epitome of perfection. But please emphasize on “most of the times” because that is not the case every time. We know that dogs are flawless and really pretty but there are also times when you can’t give your best face for a photo! Also, let’s just be real! Not every time our pictures can turn out to be perfect. Same is the case with dogs. Despite being adorable and really pretty, their pictures can turn out to be completely opposite.

No matter if your pup is big or small, heavy or thin, all of them are adorable in their own unique ways. They tend to make us smile on our worst days. Honestly, sometimes I wonder what did we do to deserve dogs??? Dogs with unusual fears to dogs with making friends with strangers, dogs are the provider of purest kinds of joy.

We know that dogs are amongst the internets most beloved animals. In this article, we have collected such unflattering pictures of dogs that I talked about earlier. The owners captured these photos and were kind enough to share it with us. In these images, the camera failed to capture the cuteness of dogs and instead captured their most unflattering faces that no one would really like. But well, who are we to decide that? Dog owners love them despite them being really unattractive in these pictures. And I am sure your love for dogs would not lessen after seeing these pictures. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. Not sure if it’s a dog or an alien.

via Samuel G. Goodman

Demogorgon from stranger things, is that you?

2. No effect on the cuteness though.

via Kate Riley

Still a cute lil bubba!

3. Not flattering but definitely flabbering.

via Samuel G. Goodman

More like a liquid dog!

4. Eyes on the prize!

via Alana Rodriguez

That was scrumptious, can I get more?

5. Time to visit a dentist.

via Katie LeClerc

Seems like someone here needs braces.

6. This looks like an act of revenge..

via Courtney Cannon

“I don’t know what’s funnier, the biter or the bitee’s face”- Mikaal Du Preez

7. What’d you say hmm… Hooman?

via Samantha Martin

“Did you just say I can’t keep this stick??”

8. Making fart noise with my mouth.

via Harriet Line

“Blowing raspberries is fun mama!!!!”

9. When you accidentally open front camera.

via Heather Stevenson

10. Moments before sneezing.

via Beth Davis

“Mama I can feel it coming. ATCHOOOOO”

11. I am an angry window licker.

via Clare Siddaway

I think the glass doesn’t smell pleasant.

12. Watch it buster…

via Kylie Moore

That’s my blankie you moron!!!

13. But I don’t like the way it fits…

via Angie Aitkenhead

It doesn’t cover my legs dadda, my legs feel cold!

14. Zone out level 101.

via Jadie Spillett

Not sure if zoned out or stoned out….

15. Multitasking. Level: Doggo

via Meghan Elizabeth

Not everyone can multitask like this dogo!

As I mentioned before, dogs are precious and no matter how ugly these pictures are, we will always love them! But sometimes its good to have a great laugh! And I am sure these pictures are definitely making you laugh. Are you ready to laugh more? As we are not done yet. We have more unflattering pictures for you! Just scroll down and see!

16. A cover from RL Stine’s novel…

via Larissa Tripp

Well, this creepy hand would creep out anyone, you poor dogo!

17. Aunty: My kid doesn’t smoke hash

      Meanwhile her kid…

via Erin Mwalwanda

18. Dusting of the dust.

via Kirsty Mack

“Hm, I don’t know, this sand looks a bit suspicious…”- ThatKidJack

19. Unhappy campers.

via Savannah Paasch

Smiling outside, crying inside…

20. What ya lookin at??

via Sara Bushaw

I am not moving, this is my couch..

21. That obnoxious smile…

via Brittany Summerson

Showing off the tushie.

22. Me after going up a couple of stairs

via Sarah Archie

Move the camera outta my face you silly hooman!

23. Well this is awkward..

via Tayler DeLisle

Don’t look at me….

24. I like to sleep with my Daddy’s hand in my mouth…

via Jessica Rimmer

25. This dog keeps following me hooman, get it away from me.

via Blake Tomlinson


26. Poor Husky didn’t see that coming…

via Ashley Fay

“Are you seeing what he’s doing to me!!!???”- Maya Jones

27. My boat and my pool and my house! Get your own.

via Stacy Cole Stephenson

Imma a QUEEN!!

28. Your face when you sniff black peppers.

via Emily Jackson

29. Imma big THIC boi!

via Nicole Marie Duarte

Big thic boi and proud of it!

30. Brought the ball, forgot the bone.

via Haley Dawn Roberts

Oh my my, someone isn’t happy with what they got.

Dogs can make your day better. There is no doubt in that, right? Watching funny dog videos and pictures can make you instantly smile. I hope these images were a source of happiness for you like it was for us! Which one of these unflattering dog was your favourite? Let us know about your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!


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