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‘Vegan’ Guy On Tinder Explains How He Has A “Cheat Year” Every Year Where He Eats Meat

Being a vegan isn’t easy.

When I say that I don’t mean that meat is so delicious that it is impossible to live without it. I was vegetarian for two years and I never really missed meat that much and tried to refrain from eating animal-derived products as well. However, being a vegan is incredibly hard especially if you don’t pay attention to what is in a product or dish. Even vegetable dishes that don’t seem to have any meat in them might be cooked in chicken broth or fried in the same oil in which wings were done.

All of that to say that it becomes a lot harder to eat at restaurants with your friends and family unless you only want to eat salads or fries in some countries. I am not saying it is the same in every country since vegan options are becoming more readily available but this is not the case for every part of the world. But you have to be vigilant and od a lot of research before you go shopping for your new vegan grocery list. After all, there is a lot of misinformation when it comes to veganism.

However, this particular story is just making me scratch my head and I can’t figure it out. You will understand what I am talking about once you scroll below and read this exchange between two people who matched on Tinder.

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I have to admit that I haven’t seen the Office either.

I am well aware that people were obsessed with it when it came out and everyone tells me to watch it but I tried to watch it but I couldn’t get past the first episode because it just didn’t seem like my humor.

But moving on from The Office, I am just as confused as this woman about him being a vegan.


While she does seem very rude, she isn’t wrong since he really isn’t a vegan.


I can only hope that he is trolling. And some people might say that he is clearly trolling but I have sadly met people in real life who are much dumber than this message exchange so I am a bit doubtful. I mean, he could just be that dumb and I wouldn’t put it past him. As you can tell, I have clearly lost all faith in humanity.

He is trying to explain it like it makes perfect sense to him.


He might be drunk and not explaining it right.


I have no idea what to even think about after reading this.


What do you think about having a cheat day when you are a vegan? Honestly, it does not make sense to me at all unless you are just starting out and wanting to phase out all the animal-based products from your life slowly which makes sense. Do you think this guy is trolling? Comment down below and let us know. Also, don’t forget to share this story with your friends so they can join in the discussion as well.


What do you think?