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Restaurant Owner Puts Customer In Place For Unfair 1-Star Review And Tells Them Not To Comeback

In the past, restaurants relied on marketing to spread the word about how great their food is. That was the most dependable type of marketing at the time, and it still works now.

When it comes to the newest and best foods in town, a few of us still rely on the advice of our loved ones. Since then, a lot has changed, and we no longer always have the opportunity to ask around for recommendations on the best restaurants.

Fortunately for us, the internet offers the solution to our daily wants for eating out. We now look for meal reviews online to direct us to culinary paradise. When you can read Joe 1987’s assessment of the fusion restaurant downtown, who needs the Zagat guide?

Internet reviews are not usually reputable sources of feedback. Owners and businesses might pay individuals to enhance online evaluations with complimentary comments in order to cover up their less-than-excellent ratings.

The majority of reviews are also made by anyone and are anonymous. Not all customers are truthful about their interactions, and some can write a bad review out of anger. That happens more frequently than you might expect, and the owner of this restaurant handled the scathing impression like a pro. When the customer left the nasty review, they believed they had them by the throat, but the owner’s response swiftly brought an end to that.

So what are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling down below to know what really happened here and make sure you guys and gals read it until the end.

1. Here goes the title

2. Sounds like a very Karen comment


3. This is the best response from the owner so far, it is pathetic and ridiculous when people throw their anger at workers. Those poor people are just trying to make a living.


4. This is hilarious yes please don’t ever come back!


5. Customer’s like Maddy are not the customers you like as loyal patrons


6. Fact


7. Customers like Maddy will never, ever let you forget it if you give them an opportunity to think they were right.


8. They both had one thing in common they didn’t have the receipts to prove that they made the purchase


9. Perks of having a mom as a manager


10. No the customer is not always right especially when the customer is a Karen


11. We all need bosses like him, who really stand up for their employees and believe that not always the customer is right.

12. Note always I mean always talk to the waiter with a kind heart and a good tongue, it doesn’t cost you anything but for them, it can mean a whole world.


13. Time to find this restaurant and support them

14. The name of the restaurant goes as Depot Hot Dogs, here you go guys you can offer them your support if you live near the Dunes.


15. LOL

It is not written somewhere or it is not a fact that customers can never make a mistake. Yeah, they can and if they want to make an amendment they can simply ask by being nice and polite. It doesn’t you anything but if you yell at them even though the mistake is yours then you are no different than this Karen.

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