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21 Hysterical Photos That Prove Life With Cats Can Never Get Boring

Life with cats is like a fun ride.

Nothing is like having a cat at home. If you don’t have a cat, you will definitely get one after going through this article. Cats are full of love and full of fun. All cats have a unique purrsonality. They would run around the house, hide in the weirdest places, get mad at you for no reason and get excited at the little things. Above all, they would love you the most. Cats bring up new things every time. They would surprise you every time with something crazy. In short, they would never let you get bore. Today, we have 21 photos of cats that will prove to you that life with cats can never get boring. So, if you have any doubts, scroll down. We are sure, this list will change your thoughts.

1. “My cat does this thing…”

© Jimbokoln / Reddit

That smile is devilish.

2. “How my cat Dave was laying… He does this all the time!”


© FitzGarrett / Reddit

Dave: Human, do you have a problem with me laying like that?

3. Meet Masuka who loves drinking water from the cooler:


© tinah084 / Imgur

4. Our reaction after realizing it’s the last working day:


© Instagram

5. “That moment you realize you ran out of cat treats”


© bridgester90/ Instagram

Human, who ate all the cat treats? You? I suspect it’s you.

6. When someone wakes you up early in the morning:


© flo.fjo/ Instagram

7. When you have to yawn but want to look cute at the same time:


© sirpeach.ladymila/ Instagram

8. “I may look fierce, but I’m really very nice.”


© prettyboyrude/ Instagram

Lovely one-eyed cat!

9. When you realize it’s your exam tomorrow and you are not ready for it:


© lindseydeno/ Instagram

10. She is taking “self-defense” classes:


© Unknown / Imgur

Cats are the cutest little balls of fluff who knows how to give killer expressions. No one can be as good at expressions as our lovely cats. If they are surprised to see something, they would make a surprised face. They know the art of expressions and we adore them every day. Bring a cat into your life and you will feel the difference. Cats become your everything.

11. “I’m a big boy now. Look, I can even roar… well, at least I’m trying.”

© ginger_and_moustache/ Instagram

What else do you need when you have a gorgeous ginger cat?

12. “An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough.”


© badmoodminou/ Instagram

That’s the face cats make when they are caught red-handedly.

13. “Birds outside the window”

© cats_cornishrex/ Instagram

How can they fly? Why can’t I fly like them?

14. What a surprised face looks like:


© Instagram

“Is that my toy you’re holding?”

15. “Can you tell that I already planned my revenge?”

© ginothecat01/ Instagram

You all can tell he hates taking a bath.

16. “Alaska can be such a lady. And also not a lady.”


© magnoliakittens/ Instagram

There are no hard and fast rules for Alaska.

17. “Someone was screaming outside our apartment, Ben was very concerned.”

© elliepetunia / Reddit

Ben has a heart of gold.

18. “Wazzup people.”


© dawson24 / Imgur

19. When you crack a joke:

© hyork425 / Imgur

20. “Told her to get off the counter…”


© kmselby / Imgur

Cat: No mommy, I would not.

21. “My sister’s cat always looks angry.”

© Z500 / Imgur

Do you own a cute kitty? Do you have fun with your cat? Share a photo of your cat that depicts your life with your cat.


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